Mac 1

I have never tried Mac 1 . Does anyone have any reviews on Mac 1 from lound looks good . Thanks for any replay's I nml stick to staivas what iv read this as some good sativa effect


  • I turned the last batch into edibles after a lackluster vape experience and not only was I tripping balls after eating but I had to recompose myself after I had to lay down and breathe getting up my stairs. Ymmv.

  • @MikeyC sounds promising does it have sativa effect at lower doses thanks for the info

  • From my experience, MAC is a pretty great hybrid. Definitely has both sat and ind effects.

  • I’ve had MAC1 a few times from Mama and Loud..I think the effects are sativa dominant overall but probably not as energetic as Jack Herer..what’s up now looks great imo! Doubt you could go wrong

  • Thank y'all for the information

  • Mac 1 done right gets you really high and then parachute down relax- hits like a Mac truck

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