Mendo Breath Shatter

Just got this today and waited as long as I could before trying it out. Glad I didn’t wait any longer, this is awesome. I use a vape pen for concentrates and only took 5-6 hits and am feeling great. I have a fairly high tolerance these days, but this is enough to make me relax and enjoy. At first I was worried because it started energetic, and I was walking around my house just jamming to some music and a little anxious, but now I’m on the couch and everything is great, but I still have more energy than I would like. I’m going to take a few more hits to really feel it and I’ll update how it goes.


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    I love mendo breath

  • I think it’s pretty solid myself. Now that I’m a little deeper into it I would say it’s a daytime smoke for sure. I bought it because I was expecting the couch lock feeling and relaxation, but it’s so good that I don’t mind really. Now I have to add some ice cream cake to see if it’ll mellow me out a little.

  • Well, even with ICC I’m pretty energetic. I need a suggestion for some serious couch lock apparently. Wedding cake and Kashmir kush are the only things to really put me down and relax me.

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    Hindu Kush is a great one for shut eye

  • It’ll be next on my list then! I just don’t seem to respond to things the same as descriptions usually say.

  • @PolkHighStar

    That's definitely common. Certain strains effect me differently too.
    In my opinion, I think it's all in how the grower treats the plant. Of course, im no expert, so I can be wrong. Lol! 💚💨

  • @PolkHighStar you listen to this girl she's right I have 3grm's of hindu left and it's a favorite. The flavor is all kush almost incense like to me. The L.A. Confidential is a really nice shatter to but it won't help you with sleep. I heard good things from @TheProfessor about the afgooie so that'll be my next order. I'm waiting on black water live resin so I'll see how that goes..I love resins and I'm seldom disappointed 😁💨🍀

  • Thanks y’all! It’s def going to be my next order. I got 4g of the Mendo Breath to go through before I order any more. Now wishing I didn’t get so much of a strain I was unfamiliar with, but it’ll be a great weekend daytime strain. It’s rare to find something to relax me and put me down…I tend to be fairly anxious and a busy body so I’m looking forward to the Hindu Kush.

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    LolI feel your pain I always get too much of one strain. If it ever makes a reappearance the bear og is a good relaxing shatter. Both it and the L.A. Confidential are glass. I'm a anxious guy myself so I pretty much don't go above a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid myself. I really have to have a really good 80+ indica for me to function at times. Enjoy shopping 💸💸😁

  • @PolkHighStar just pretend like you're hoarding for the zombie apocalypse

  • @TreesPlz hey it works for me 🤣

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