Pre shipment?

Anyone else experiencing lil longer than usual wait from loud maybe I’m just ready for that Mac to lift me lol but anyone else experienced a lil longer?



  • If there priority insurance turns from 50$ to 100$ on the inform delivery its been scanned... it always starts at 50 but if scanned it will switch as 100 just to help a little

  • Good deal man it did indeed switch. Maybe good news fingers crossed 🤞

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    @SmokingJoe4296 yes, it has taken five days just for my package to leave WA. It went through three different town post offices.

  • I also have weird informed delivery timing from loud but it still comes or if not in 15 days I ask why

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    @SmokingJoe4296 yep those hub's are as F'd up as a football bat, I have seen it take over a week just to see a way or another it always gets here though. 💨🍀

  • Ive had packs take up to 31 days. Most recent from loud&co is 7 days including weekends and counting. Hopefully be delivered today or tomorrow.

  • @907ak420 the times have gotten better from @LoudnCo . My last order took 7 days also. That's a helluva lot better than times at the first of the year. I just placed a order with loud I'm hoping to see a label by Saturday. I've had those month long waits but it's usually because of USPS in WA moving at a snail's pace.

  • No luck today guys which is a bummer. I’m all out of flower and just got a lil bit of the wedding cake crumble wax left I’m really hoping for tomorrow or Saturday to be the day it arrives cause the 4th isn’t gonna be the best without being medicated. But positive vibes I appreciate the feedback fellas hope all is going good for y’all!

  • @SmokingJoe4296 good luck on your order, everyone needs bud for the 4th. And every day before and after. I hope you see something today, sometimes they sneak up on you. 💚💨🍀

  • Still no luck maybe tomorrow I’m starting to get really bummed. But hoping for the best

  • Does anybody know where in CA it ships from? I have a few packages coming from CA but I don't know which is which.

  • @realshmoke420 - Look for the "easypost/parcel partners" shipment

  • Yes I've noticed that the shippers have been using first class mail and sometimes priority the difference currently is priority reaches the east coast in 4 days first class reaches the east coast in 10 plus days I've kept a steady log of what I order and how fast it comes and how is it shipped you can tell if it was a first-class label if there's an F at the top left-hand corner and a P for priority at the top left-hand corner. It kind of sucks when you ordered with oil and they ship it first class that is probably why some of the shatter looks so much like Wax it gets tossed from truck to truck slowly making its way to the East Coast.

  • Thank you for your update whatever the case I’m just hoping for my meds soon I’m out. :/ gonna try to make the most while I wait for it to come though yall never seem to disappoint. My go to for all my green needs! 😊

  • Did anyone order on July 1st and have their pack stuck on pre-shipment from Medmama ?

  • @icdeadpeople nope but I've got one from loud stuck since the first.

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    @icdeadpeople - Me. Ordered from Medmama Thursday evening, a label was created Friday afternoon... and nothing more.

  • @justaguy @MNTDWLER thanks for responding kind folks. I’m sure movement will come probably the hub or something idk 🤷‍♂️

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    Holidays, especially weekend ones, really screw up the delivery schedules. I just checked, and my package got dropped a few minutes ago.

  • So did mine @justaguy says it should come by the tenth

  • Yeah @icdeadpeople still in pre-shippment @justaguy same shipping label created on the 2nd then pffft nada lol. It'll make a miraculous leap in the next day or two 😁

  • @icdeadpeople @justaguy my package just showed some movement. It left the Seattle post office at 9:31p.m. on the 6th. Mine should be here by Friday, Saturday at the latest. Unless it decides to do a nation wide tour like my last order 😁

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    @MNTDWLER - Ha! Yeah, the post office takes my orders on a tour once in a while too. I had one make it to my regional hub only to be sent the opposite way, delaying delivery by a day. One time, an order took a couple of laps in Cali before heading east.

    But, Medman always delivers. :wink:

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    @justaguy My last order hit Tuscaloosa Alabama then took a one week tour of Wisconsin before it finally made its way to me in east TN 😁 As you said it always finds it's way here lol.

  • East Tn. Here too. I've had good luck with Mama's, but seems loud holds on to orders for a while. I use to order from Loud a lot, but now I'm ordering from Mama because of that reason.

  • Still no luck on my end just holding out til something changes staying optimistic it still might show. Lol but it’s been 14 days today 😞 hopefully not to much longer I had to get some outdoor from mama today just to know I would have something if I didn’t get it by the weekend staying positive though. Lol

  • @SmokingJoe4296 if it's been 14 days and you haven't contacted @medboy you need to. It's very rare for a order to take that long without something being wrong with USPS. You might want to get on the order form and contract MB before they take their summer break. Good luck my friend. 💚💨🍀

  • Already on it @MNTDWLER just waiting on a response from MB hopefully any min now and I know brother the suspense before they take summer break is killing me. :/ I know it will eventually get to me but the stress is awful. Thank you for you positivity brother

  • Wow! My order will be delivered today, if ID is to be believed. This will be the fastest delivery for me ever.

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