This is for loud

Requsting some indoor heavy indicas. And/or any of the following: All indoor please- white russian, lodi dodi, royal kush, kandy krush, star killer kush, master kush, ghost ship. Thanks! Hope all is well.


  • They all would be welcome additions to my cabinet. I would like to see that premium master kush make a reappearance.

  • I have 5 stars next to royal kush lol and a check next to ghost ship. I know my 2 faves are lodi dodi and white russian. One day ill have to decode my rating system 🀣

  • Ghost Ship was great. :)

  • All strains should be names as magic cards, eh?

  • Ghost ship was one of my first purchases. Great bud. would definately snag some again.

  • @Bobn218 I would love to get my hands on some Ghost Ship but I've never come from your lips to the shippers ears πŸ™πŸ½ One of my first purchases was 4 opiated thai sticks fresh from a buddy's duffel bag, bought a bunch more then went cold turkey on bud !! Shit we were shocked what happened to our peaceful weed lol..but hey I'd grab some again πŸ˜‰. @MikeyC that would make it hell on me at home with my wife.. She'd come in and start on my ass "All You Do Is Sit Around Counting Cards All Day" she lets that slip on poker night and a man gets beat in his own house lol😁. Plus I haven't played a magic card game since I lost one to Uncle Sam πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • @MNTDWLER @Liltap it looks like @LoudnCo heard you.... Master Kush hit the menu

  • @TreesPlz of course it did..I just ordered yesterday. I was hoping for a premium but indoors the next best thing. I hate to order more from WA until I see how long this one takes. I'm really hopeful a good pure, heavy premium indica will drop on mom's board soon. It's passed due...lately I'm partial to Cali flower πŸ˜‰

  • You can't go wrong with what you o rdered

  • Grabbed a split of MK and Mammoth. Looking forward to both!

  • I think loud got the message. Lodi dodi too. Thanks!

  • @LoudnCo any premium Blueberry laying around the basement πŸ˜‰

  • @Liltap I thought lodi dodi is sativa dominant?

  • It is but i happen to like it. I think white russian is too

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