Burma Booms

Very awesome. Great visuals, euphoric giggles and all around great experience.


  • Agreed, very clean and very awesome. 3.5 grams taken as tea these had a nice ramp up and sustained visuals for several hours. External visuals are more profound than inner patterns or light. Easy to focus. Strong and long lasting with little to no stomach discomfort. Happy vibes throughout.

  • @freechicken i totally agree great Visys and very euphoric, no nausea at all. All super thanks for commenting

  • Man these are some strong fungi! Beautiful too. Picked up a hefty sack recently, was microdosing .3g and actually found it to be too much. I have adjusted down to .2g and can still feel the subtle effects even a day later but tolerable enough to do day to day tasks. No caffeine required on dosing days though! TBH I can’t even imagine taking a rec dose of these things 🤪 The cultivator knew wtf they were doing with these.

  • These were a lot stronger than expected. I wasn't ready hahaha! I had some visuals but they were way different than B+, golden teachers, and San Pedro's. I had more of an intense body buzz and head rush, so much to the point I was numb.

    Definitely a thumbs up in my book.

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