Made a mistake on my order...

I entered an incorrect address (off by 1 number) and I am very worried that I will not receive the package. I ordered 2 days ago so I believe it's still on the way but, I really hope I'm not screwed. I just had a package I ordered from a different site be returned to the sender because they couldn't find the number when they got here. I really hope it doesn't happen to the medicine. Mannnn I'm stupid. Really sucks.


  • I'd use the contact form. If a label hasn't been made yet they might be able to correct it before shipment.

  • @Doja_Cat Yeah I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I just wasn't. Very unfortunate.

  • @realshmoke420 listen to @Good2Go get on the order form and contract @medboy you still may have time. Good luck and always double check your order information. I hope you catch it before it goes out for delivery. 🍀

  • You probably could have contacted mb and corrected it . Have you check informed delivery to see if you have anything

  • @Doja_Cat I'm impressed you can read.

  • @Doja_Cat yep you nailed me, I'm guilty of having seizures, being in a wheelchair and having a need for medical cannabis. Other than that don't believe everything you read. @medboy I didn't appreciate the personal attack and found offensive to everyone suffering from neurological disorders and spinal cord injuries. Keep it civil you chronic masturbator or I'll call your mother and she'll take away your computer 😂🤣🤣🤣 you just joined the forum 2 days ago .. you are a lonely mother fucking person if all you have to do is take cheap shots at me for needing medical care. It's really brave of you to take down your previous post you have no business trolling my page and saying anything bad about my wife. Fuck off you little fucking person 🖕

  • @Doja_Cat why'd you take it down cool breeze, you should at least have the balls to own it. I'm just calling you out your the one running your mouth about the handicapped on a fourm that serves them. I've been on here a while you just happen to be the person I fire on. Put the post back up for everyone to see Mr Free Speech on the 4th of July. Yeah I'm the creep you bigoted waste

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    Everyone behave please, it's like grade school in here. I've banned Doja, a new user who was spamming this place with complaints and personal attacks. Still, if someone acts like an ass, let me know and ignore them. Don't feed the trolls!

  • @medboy I apologize, the person trolled through over a year of my post. Attacked those of us with neurological problems and mobility issues they made remarks I couldn't let go.. Then he accused me of accosting my wife, i just wanted a neck in my hands lol...thanks for the support. Sorry about the language that's not me..well usually 😉 I didn't think I could be taken to that level. Again sorry about my "PLAY GROUND" antics on your ballfield.

  • Aw, man. I missed it again. Well, time to burn one and chill out. :smile:

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