Just ordered Slurricane and Blue Zkittles

No clue what they’re going to be like, just got a wild hair to order something new. Anybody had these and have some insight as to what I’m in for?


  • Awesome, it sounds like I made some good selections! Thanks so much for the info! Now I can’t wait to get some of that stinky Slurricane to see what you’re talking about. Lol

  • That’s awesome. Just what I’m looking for! I like indica heavy feeling and couch lock. I’ve been enjoying some wedding cake Kashmir Kush lately, so just looking for something else. I love my MAC, but it’s just not very strong. I ran out of it today so that’s what made me want something new.

  • @PolkHighStar the blue Zkittles is one of my favorite flavors right now. The smell is that of a sweet hard candy and the flavor follows close suit. The high for me is the perfect afternoon mild calm down buzz. It's not so heavy that you can't do whatever you need to do without being overly sedated. The slurricane is one of those hybrids that is well balanced and doesn't give me a real dominance on either side of it's genetics. It's a fantastic medicine I just have way too many well balanced hybrids in my med chest " I know poor me right" but after a while the highs start to feel so similar I forget which strain I'm smoking. I think your going to be happy with both, there's nothing bad to be said about either . one except they run out too fast. Enjoy your meds my friend.

  • @PolkHighStar Ditto what my friend @MNTDWLER said! Blue Zkittlez was one of my surprise strains this year! Definitely one of my favorites from 2021 so far!

  • @Doja_Cat Unfortunately, Ohio’s medical marijuana program is extremely controlled. AFAIK, all medical cannabis products sold in OH dispensaries are grown, processed, and produced in Ohio. Of course, they’ve restricted the number of producers and dispensaries across the state. Most producers here have purchased seeds and rights to use the names. I had some incredible 28% Sunset Sherbet a few months ago and the 29.8% Rainbow Chip I just picked up is gorgeous! It was also ridiculously expensive at $43 a 1/10th. Fortunately, they had everything on sale today and I get a mandatory Veterans discount that softened the blow.😎

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    Got a bit of mama’s last batch of slurr. March or so I think. indoor not premium. Was great smoke. https://postimg.cc/vxTjS1qm

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