BlackBerry Kush W/Pic's

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Out of the last 3 batches of BlackBerry Kush I've had this is undoubtedly the best. The bud's are medium to large and have that kush bud structure but are on the denser side of the scale with a nice firm squeeze factor 😁. The flowers are a deep green with a dark tint with orange hairs popping out everywhere you look. The vape started out very sweet and took a gassy intense turn about halfway through. The flavor is of berries, sweet earth and herbs on the inhale with the flavor of earthy berries coming out on the exhale. The high started with a easing of tension throughout my body then moving behind my eyes softening any strain. The buzz did a fantastic little waltz around my temple's and down my neck leaving me happy unfocused and completely relaxed. The body effects are very strong but without the intensity of some other indica's. Don't get me wrong the pain relief is there as is total relaxation, just not the intense tingling of some. The high isn't a sleep inducer for me but I can definitely see how it could be for some with occasional sleep problems. This is a great strain for kicking back with a movie, video game or even getting a little light work done. As I said a really great relaxer that gives you that social stoners smile without sitting you in a corner like a potted plant 🤪. All in all a wonderful flower and a terrific medicine that I'm finding stronger, longer lasting and more enjoyable than some premiums I've had .The bag appeal is also up there with some of the best the cure is spot on as is the trim and uniform bud size with most of my buds weighing from 1 3/4 -2 1/2 grams..With the summer break coming up I wish I would have ordered more..but I'm still waiting on that knock your pee pee in the dirt indica I'm hoping will show up with a restock after the break.


  • Great pics and review @MNTDWLER, thanks! Sounds like a good buy!🧐 I’ve really enjoyed Blackberry Kush, but I’ve also found it to be somewhat inconsistent. I’m glad to hear that this is a great batch, even if it isn’t a knock out for sleep. Those really heavy hitting indica strains have been harder to come by lately! I’m hoping for a great menu after the break so I can make a substantial restock.😁😎

  • Thanks for the review @MNTDWLER! The bud looks great! I wonder if it would work for sleep for me as I get knocked out from any strain. I can’t wait for a super heavy indica!

  • Must be nice @1K_ !🙂 I’m in a constant search for strains to help me sleep. I had one ounce of BK from here well over a year ago that was one of the sleepiest strains I’ve ever had…but I’ve yet to be able to duplicate those effects with BK. DJ Shorts Blueberry and Platinum OG seem to be sure things for my chemistry. I’d love to see some: Hindu Kush, Tahoe OG, 9lb Hammer, Pure OG, 5th Element…something really heavy!😴

  • Got mine today! Agreed, best blackberry kush I’ve ever had! Nugs are gorgeous.

    Excellent batch of an awesome indica strain.

  • @1k I hate to predict the effects of any strain on anyone. Everyone's chemistry and tolerance are different but I'm a anxious person and it calms me down to a totally relaxed state. If it pops up again "and it will" I definitely think it would help since other strains have a tendency to put you down anyway😉. If mom or loud ever put BlackBerry Octane back up it's the best BlackBerry I've ever come across. Right up there with some of the greats for sleep imho. 💚💨🍀

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    Awesome review and pics! @MNTDWLER I should be getting Master Kush and Mammoth tomorrow. Got my hopes up the buds will be way better than the pic like the BK you received. Beautiful nugs my friend!

  • Happy I pushed it on ya!

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