Mammoth Skunk 🦨

Received this on a lovely sat. morning. 😁 Didn’t get my requested split of MK or Godzilla but I’m sure right now it’s just get orders out the door. Overall very happy with this batch. Thx Loud! I’ve received a handful of 🦣 sample j’s in the past and enjoyed them all, but first time ordering it. The aroma is hard to pin point.. hmmm fruity creamy skunk is what comes to mind. Very pleasant! I miss some old school skunk though and this one is close. My first grow 15yrs ago was Sam the Skunkman’s original haze. It was so skunks and strong.. that was one of my only few “oh crap I smoked too much” 🤢 moments lol.


  • Thanks for the review @superman38NC! I don’t know much about mammoth skunk? What are the effects?

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    The buds are cured to perfection. You can squeeze them without any crunch and they bounce back. Not sticky but coated enough slap you in the face. Has a sativa uplifting effect but I can feel some heaviness as well. I’d say this has to be a 60/40 50/50 batch imo. Great wake n bake.

  • Thanks

  • 🦖 Thanksgiving for review

  • Definitely welcome..mammoth must be in rotation..seen it several times. Recommend if it comes back

  • Looks dank as hell. Thanks for the pics and review!

  • @superman38NC great review my friend love the pictures. I've had a few batches of M.S. My last batch that I still have a few grams of was good but when it came to the aroma it was described as the "skunk must have been hiding under a log" lol. I miss that skunky reek that you just don't see anymore..

  • Could not be happier with my split of indoor mammoth skunk and indoor wedding cake I just got today. I haven't even smoked either yet, but just know that it's going to be amazing from the smell and how great the cure and trim jobs are. Both seem to have the perfect amount of moisture. Not dry and not too wet either. I've been smoking mostly sativas lately (I think my last 4 strains were sour diesel, pineapple express, lodi dodi, and mimosa), so these should be a nice switch up.

  • Let me know how both are. These have been calling my name as well.

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    The Wedding Cake for me is as good as the Bacio Gelato from a few months ago. Also love the Mammoth Skunk, that's more of a sleeper. I had a great night's sleep last night.

    Both smell and smoke amazing. The Mammoth Skunk looks just like what @superman38NC posted in the OP, but there's probably no way in hell it's the same batch 4 months later. And of course it isn't because the buds are huge with no shake.

    Also got a biscotti j that I haven't smoked yet.

    I told someone I work with I'd sell an 1/8th to them, but I don't want to. lol

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