Billion dollar+ Cali pot bust

A week ago. Is it going to affect availability from MedMama?


  • If it does no knock on this great site but there is a few others to help get you by.. if it ever happened! Butttt im sure there ok bc cali is so big its quite easy to say its someone else but medmama

  • Well we have legalized pot here so no big problem. Just that I prefer medicine man's. Lol

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    I suspect that the MedFamily has it all figured out. I wouldn't want to speculate on how it all works just because of security, but it works.

  • I have been to Mass and Colorado and the weed on MM is better and cheaper than any dispensary in both states

  • Imho, a score that big will likely cause supply ripples nationally on both sides of the legal fence. Some legit dispensaries are not as shy about buying non white-market gear from big underground ops to enhance their offerings. It’s a risk for losing their license but the cost savings can be beyond tempting.

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