One hit is PLENTY!

I just got a live resin vape cart from a friend that went to Denver. That thing is powerful!

I see live resin on the menu, but I’m not too familiar with it. Can you put it in a vape cart? And has anyone had experience with Loud or MM live resin, did you like it?



  • I don't want to give you any advice because I think having a low tolerance is a wonderful thing and I'd give you a panic attack

  • @MikeyC i wish I had a low tolerance. Taking one hit and being stoned means that shit was good! Makes me sad that it’s still not legal in my state.

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    Every time I try a new strain, it's like the first time I ever smoked (well good strains anyway). I get tolerant to strains, not THC.

  • I did too its great loved the taste but so much for being discreet in front of others, it reeks like weed not like a normal co2 cart.

  • Got a 1/2 gram from Mama last year when it was on the menu. You'll need a strong battery. I think a special cart should be designed for resins though. When it gets toward the end the cart it stops up and I had to take heat gun to warm it up to thin it out. So after that I would always heat up my cart before I used it and it seem to work better. The taste was awesome the high was over the top

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