Indoor Viper, Any comments?

Has anybody ordered, received and tried the indoor Viper ? If so what are your opinions? Thanks


  • Received my order of Viper from Medicine Love, It looks nice smokes nice and I like it but have to say not one of my all-time favorites but it’s OK. The high doesn’t seem to last as long as other strains I have gotten. I seem to smoke more of this? Medicine love on the other hand is my favorite shipper they ship fast and I like the way the label and pack. Big thanks to them.

  • The Viper sold out fast so I assume people liked it!

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    Just because something sells out fast doesn’t mean people like it , you don’t know until you get it to know how good it is. Just saying. Not saying it was bad just not one of my favorites.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I guess this is what happens when I assume...

  • Well just to show you how subjective opinions are, my friend which I buy and split with just received her Viper on Monday and she tells me she loves it. This is why you take reviews from other people with a grain of salt this is a perfect example. She loves and for me not my favorite.

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