Has anyone used paypal to purchase bitcoin?
I have used Bitquick ever since I started buying bitcoin but they are closing. I need a new way to buy coins that does not charge a lot of fees! Insights on pay pal?


  • You can buy on PayPal, but you can't send it. Try Cash App. It's simple

  • Cash App like @MigraineWarrior79 said. Been using it since I found MM. very easy.

  • Good to know. Thank you.

    How does PP expect people to use their coins of they can't send it to a wallet?
    That's a not confusing.
    I will try Cash App

  • @wntpce

    Let us know if you run into any problems 💚

  • I am going to try Cash App

  • Thanks

  • Cash app you can set limit purchases now as well so easier snag on sale price

  • cash app is the best and fastest I can order, buy bitcoin and send in less than 30 secs

  • That's fast! Takes me a minute with all the duplicate checks and balances of sending the right amount to the right address

  • Okay please help!!
    I am going to try Cash App.
    I have never done it before. I have always used and once confirmed from the seller, they send my bitcoin to my wallet address.. So, from Cash App, how do I get my bitcoin to my wallet? Or can I send my coins from my cash app??

  • Meaning send my coins from cash app to MM?

  • @wntpce you can send Bitcoin from cashapp

  • I can order pay send and get confirmation in less than 30 mins with cash app

  • Unfortunately, with the PayPal method, fees will be high. However, they are cheaper than your typical APR for your average card.

    Xxcoins allows PayPal. You have to submit identification, but they approve same day
    (Usually). Cash app is swell, but the approval can take 2 weeks.

    The fees range from 8-15%. I have personally used Xxcoins on many transactions long before coinbase and cash app was around.

  • Thank you

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