Chemdawg missing from order form?

Looking over the beautiful selection this morning posted from Loud. After I made my wishlist could not find Chemdawg on the order form. It is #1 on my list. Fingers crossed it will show up later in the day.


  • Chemdawg was under Cannabis Club and they hit their order limit. This will be reset around 3pm PST and should be available again at that time.

  • Why not take it off the website if it can't be bought at that particular time. I've been thinking that there is something wrong with the website going back and fourth so I can order early enough to get it shipped out. Bummer and a waste of time. I hope the new shipper has the same rep as Mama as far as shipping. Mama still # 1 on that

  • Looks like a system bug to me. Reported it.

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