How did you end up here?



  • Almost got scammed trying to buy products online in 2016 and came across this site. Tried out the free same and I’ve been ordering ever since.

  • @Sheblys Hmmm, not sure... vaguely? I remember the article seemed to be written by a woman who was either a non-toker or someone with the agenda to paint online weed as all negative. I imagine we could have Googled the same random article. But yeah the number thing is vaguely someone was desperate in the comments?

  • @OzBaxter Yeah, this dude was desperate or in a bind at the time, and he left his number in the comments looking for advice or direction or something, if I remember correctly. Ironically, and the reason I asked, is I saw that and decided, "Screw it", and I sent him a text to see if he was able to work anything out. Be damned if he didn't respond to me, tell me, basically, that he found this place, and gave me the information that directed me here. Lol! He said he didn't purchase anything here, but, obviously, I checked it out and have been here ever since. Too damn funny if it was, in fact, the same thread. Sure sounds like it could have been.

  • All roads lead to @medman 👍🏼😆

  • I got here through necessity and luck as my usual supplier all of a sudden wasnt anymore leaving me not high and very dry. I was reading some cannabis publications on line with the thought that perhaps I might find some site that might be legit. One publication I found Weed Street Journal had an address for Canadians to purchase on line in an ad after it became legal. Right below it was in small print, in US go to I checked it out, learned about bitcoin and bought 2 coins when they were 350 bucks a piece before the price exploded. Been riding on the remainder for a few years now. Im very thankful to have found this site and really feel blessed to not have to worry about having to find meds on the street anymore. I basically use cannabis to de-stress as I work a very stressful job but also to get over PTSD from trauma in my youth. I'm also a musician and find certain strains help tap into that creative place where I can write down the feels Im feeling. Its my only way to cope as I cant drink alcohol and I dont trust pharmaceuticals. Natures medicine is the best for me!

  • The internet.

    Ya see, I typed in mail order marijuana in the search bar.

    Not difficult.

  • @greatspirit yeah, and it took you to all legitimate sites. . . LMOA!

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    @Rockafire Believe it or not bro, there are other legit/consistent MOM businesses besides MedMan. In truth, I found MM through a video which directed me to the website. Won't say on which video platform, but regardless just search for mail order marijuana and you're bound to find a legit site. Again, its not hard.

    Now the trick is not to determine if they are legit, but to determine if they are consistent. You place a $20 order and get your stuff so now they have your trust. But you get scammed once you place the $100 order. Thats how true scam MOM sites work.

    I find it ironic though that when it comes to mail order weed, the newbies seem to be more scared of it being some kind of law enforcement sting operation. 99.9% the worst that ever happens is you get scammed.

    And speaking of scams, I got an email invoice from some company I never heard of billing me for $3,250 the other day.

  • @greatspirit How well would your method have worked 8 years ago?
    "I typed in mail order marijuana in the search bar.

    Not difficult"

    I will assume you never placed an order on silkroad. Or used a TOR browser and place an order with 2048 bit encryption emails.

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    I moved to a new area with questionable "contacts" as in I like to be alive. I have depression, anxiety and arthritis, and found weed to be the best thing for both. I found them after a long search, and haven't looked back!!

  • @antfuzz lol worked fine. No I have never placed an order via SilkRoad nor used Tor. It was a Canadian business I found through a popular bud forum and you needed a hushmail account to get the menu and the address to send payment. Had to use a fake name and return address when sending. Stuff was the best I could get at the time.

    Thank goodness for MedMan and modern technology now. Just makes it so much easier.

    You guys are acting like this is trying to search for the Ark of the Covenant. Personally finding a street dealer now would be harder for me.

  • I was just coming down the road, took a left at newt's tater patch and had a vision. The apparition of a scrounged hippie appeared right over the old bacckar barn. In a voice that sounded like a booming bong hit I heard "TRUST THE MEDICINEMAN HE, ALWAYS DELIVERS" That was a little more than 2 years ago and as my man John said I've been happy as a clam ever since.😁 In all honesty it was a moment of desperation for me I was being charged outrageous prices for "weed" when I could find it. I looked up legit marijuana delivered to all 50 states. It's been a lifesaver for me PTSD, anxiety and depression on top of seizures. With the meds and friends @medman gets me through some really tough times. There are a lot of legitimate sites out there but MM is my go to dispensary since I live in a hostile state.

  • Newt always did have the best potatoes.

  • @MNTDWLER I think I have seen that old long-hair hippie with a booming voice? He's the one and only Reefer God. This old wrinkled flower child & hippy gets around all those old barns and tater patches. I've seen him and his fav lady friend floating above several barns when I was tripping on shrooms. Those old barns are some of the best places to light up.

    In honestly, I started ordering from MM at the end of 2014 or early 2015. I was desperate but I got lucky. I found MM first try. Fought with bitcoin for a while. In my state of mind at the time, I am surprised I found or accomplished anything. My implanted morphine pump was dying unexpectedly which never happens. I am so lucky - no way. I had to wait several months to get a new pump and schedule surgery.
    Sadly, for 6+ months, I could not care for my parents. I felt guilty about that. The withdrawal was too hard on this old hippy. Shortly after the pump was replaced, I had 2 major heart surgeries, and damn if they didn't give me another Medtronic pump for a heart valve plus 4 by-passes. A year later, I was playing with my orchids in the kitchen sink. I dropped like a rock. A thoracic artery started leaking, they cracked my chest open again. Several years ago, the same team told me that I needed a 3rd major surgery, which was even larger and more dangerous. This time they were going to crack the chest and body open to replumb my entire vascular system and organs. I said no, I have had enough. My goal is to relax, sleep, eat, enjoy life, enjoy nature, and use natural MMs medicine. Enjoy the time I have left.

    I rarely visited this message board until recently. All those years without advice, what I ordered was hit and miss. Between the reviews and feedback, it has drastically improved the quality of my orders. Thanks to several using this site, my orders fit my needs. I love the knowledge I have gained here. I may have missed a lot of valuable information over the years but I am making up for it now. My story is like so many here with health issues. We are here to improve our quality of life.

  • A buddy of mine let me try a dab of the miracle whip and I loved it!!! Had to get some

  • Referred by a friend around 2015-2016. He was ordering for me for a while, but he moved a country over, then later I moved about an hour the opposite direction and it ended being more convenient for me to just order for myself.

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