How did you end up here?

I’m always so happy to see so many people on this forum, lol I’m so curious (with out naming identifying details) how all of you found this awesome source for the green?

Lol in 2015 I had never smoked and was curious (I had a strict childhood in foster care and was a goodie goodie, lololol I thought I should be a little rebellious now that I was in college) and googled in my tiny ass dorm room about buying online and it brought me to an article on high times about not buying online (lololol) and in the comments section someone put a link to the site and said it was reliable, I had a weirdly good feeling, so I took a chance. I was so freaking scared but, I got so lucky and I feel so blessed. Especially being in a state where it is not coolio. lol it was so covert and after about a year, the comment was gone and no matter how many times I have looked at that article, it’s lost to history.

Now that @medmama is leaving 💔 I think I am feeling a bit emotional.
I exercise, I eat better and feel better and I feel calmer and not overwhelmed and angry all of the time that I have to do these things to stay alive and a large part of that is because of finding this site.



  • After a panic attack awhile back, a colleague discreetly reintroduced me to cannabis after a long hiatus. After about four years of scrounging ounces from friends of friends, my Marine Veteran stepson with PTSD told me about a Marine Vet friend with severe PTSD who was getting legitimate cannabis online. Armed with a webpage and bitcoin we placed our first order sometime in '18 and I just remember being terrified and totally paranoid about the delivery!😳 After over three years and dozens (and dozens) of packages I am so thankful for this site. Even though I have medical card now (since '20) I still rely heavily on Medicineman. Can't beat the quality, quantity, price, or service! We're sure going miss @medmama but glad to see a new shipper that will hopefully continue with great products and service! Thanks Medicineman!🙏

  • @TheProfessor Thank you for sharing your story! Lol even when if it becomes legal in my state I still plan on buying from @medman! Glad to know you do!!

  • How did I end up here? Trial and error. Glad I found them though!

  • @TheProfessor I have a navy nuke vet stepson with PTSD too. (But I don’t have any tweed jackets with patches.) My son won’t smoke though.
    I also found this place when I got I tired of buying from young punks. Plus, when you get a little older it’s more difficult to find.

  • Pothead forum + fomo= no brainer

  • I remember now. We moved to GA and I lost my contacts. I found a fake site and sent them bitcoins. Fortunately, the money wasn’t picked up and it was returned. That was before this forum. But there were some good MM reviews. When I ordered, I was prepared to lose my money, and then pleasantly surprised when my package arrived. I’ve been loyal since.

  • I’d been ordering for well over a year before I found the forum in late ‘19. @leaf my step-son doesn’t partake either, but I was grateful for the tip!😁. But you’re right, it’s hard and stressful to find when you’re “older” and your profession, family, and friends are not so supportive (or are outright opposed). Medicineman was a lifesaver! @TutorGirl I still get probably 2/3rds of my flower here…and I go through a lot!😊😎🧐

  • After 25 yrs of dealing with "whatever you get", I started Googling articles about "The dangers of buying weed online". They all say the same thing. "It's illegal." "You don't know what you're getting" "They could just take your money". And I realized that those are all the things you deal with when you're buying them in person from some shady dip shit in an alley somewhere. Down in the comment section I found people saying the exact same thing about how absurd the article is. One of them was talking about how safe it is and said they get it from somewhere online. Someone asked where, and the person replied that they were not gonna post a link but it was the old US western slang for 'Shamans'. I Googled up 'Medicine Man' and found this site. That was last November lol The moment I got my first order I knew I had found something special. 👍🏼

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    Perfect @TreesPlz! 👍🏼🤣
    Same as it ever was!

  • I just happened to come across a link back in 2017 I was highly skeptical but placed an order for an eighth I believe this was still when they had a shipper from Oregon. I received my package and all my fears went away been a loyal customer ever since. The question I was asking myself the other day was bitcoin was just under a thousand dollars per coin when I started I know I sent over .5 bitcoins in one transaction today that would be over 25 thousand dollars not saying I regret any of it but maybe I should have held some instead of keep ordering as Bitcoin skyrocketed and I had more funds in my wallet. Guess I was just curious what the most Bitcoin others had sent when it was far cheaper

  • I was searching Google for mail service cannabis, and happened upon this place. I watched from the sidelines for about a year before I took the plunge.

  • I was on a chat site a few yrs back asking around and someone blessed me with the knowledge of medman. Boy was i pleased. My town was dry af and i hadnt found edibles or shrooms anywhere either. Now im flush with treats all the day long. Love my medman..

  • Was buying filled vape carts on eBay and asked one seller if they knew where to get RSO for my mother who was dying from lung/liver cancer. Pointed me here.

    Bought a handful of syringes from medmama. My mom never made it through the treatment but it did help her piece of mind during the final 6 months and let her sleep.

    Not having a reliable plug myself I figured I’d give the other products a try and have been around now for 3+ years and am one of the first forum members.

  • Wow. Thank you @JelfSpicoli for sharing your story! Lol a wild ride but, I’m glad things are ok now!

  • @leaf What’s up fellow Ga resident!

  • @Neverenoughsleep thats my only regret, back then when I found them I wish that I would have invested more into Bitcoin!

  • Was having difficulty locating quality and reliable source especially for high end type and medical quality and a buddy whom I'm now definitely forever grateful for shot me a tip to check here and it's been nothing but love and appreciation since.

  • That's a great story. Word of mouth.

  • Relocated to SE GA. Quality bud with decent prices are hard to find. Old Friend showed me the link and 1 1/2 years later and no complaints for me.

  • I found it in some comments I think on Reddit. I had gotten ripped off a few times, online, and didn’t want to do that again. My husband was against it also. Then I saw the forum, and said this can’t be NOT real. And I didn’t have to have minimum order either! So I ordered an eighty five dollar cartridge, from loud, and waited. When I saw that package get delivered, was the happiest I had been, in a long time!!! Then I told my husband , lol. Been off to the races since. I did try to go back to look for that comment cause I couldn’t believe it was legit and couldn’t find it again. Moderator must have seen it and deleted it.

  • So long as nobody gets TOO specific, I'm ok with this thread. BUT, I would definitely think before posting anything that could identify you.

  • Thank you @medboy! 🖤 And thank you for every one for so far keeping that in mind and any new comers, we want this to continue to be a safe space for all of us. 😁

  • My plug got popped and got sentenced to 20 years but not for mj. 😳 a friend suggested you guys and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since.

  • I found this site like some others did. I did some searching, read reviews, learned a little about Bitcoin, and placed a small order to "test the waters."

    I'm very glad to have found MedicineMan.

    I look back at the small glitches I've had in the past and marvel at my pettiness.

    Like the saying goes: "MedMan always delivers."

  • I've always suffered from anxiety, depression and PTSD. I had quit smoking a lot due to financial issues I was having at the time. Then the pandemic hit, and I will say my occupation is probably one of the most stressful in these times, and I needed help mentally surviving. I have benzos for emergencies, but I don't want to use them constantly. I knew I needed to find a steady, reliable source and start smoking again. Google search and a lot of research led me here and I couldn't be happier.

  • @OneLove Thank you for sharing your journey! I’m so glad you are here.

  • Weedsthatplease

  • @OzBaxter I've got to ask you... this article or comment thread you're talking about sounds INCREDIBLY familiar. Even the part about the old west/Native American word, "shaman", and the comments you referenced about asking where and all of that, as well as the time frame. SO familiar, and this is quite similar to how I ended up here. So I've got to ask, in that thread you're speaking of, do you remember a person commenting on that thread who also left their phone number in their comments? Does that ring a bell to you by chance?

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