Help! Plz I tried commenting but cant. Im stuck

I already purchased my bitcoin on cashapp and placed my order but now its still saying verification in process or something. I thought my account was already validated but Im worried it wont be or something and medmas stock may be gone by the time it does. I can send to a cashtag or phone #medman but it wont allow me to send it to wallet address yet. What can I do? Anything


  • As far as I understand it, you'll have to wait to be verified first. If your order isn't paid for within a day or so I'm pretty sure they cancel it. And then you can just place a new order once you have been verified.

  • look in the app to see if you need to take a pic of your DL again to get verified cash app asked me once long after I had been verified the first time. You won't be able to send BC until you do.

  • You need a friend who has been verified.

  • Bitcoin atm, though the fees are ridiculous.

  • @DazedNAmused

    Give @MikeyC you wallet QR code and he'll send you some bitcoin. It would be a loan of course.

  • Thank all of you so much! I did as stated put in a new order though i lost about 30$ waiting to be verified, tho my bad, I jumped the gun. Im stoked it went through this morning and I got my order confirmation soon after! I cant wait to get my order and give feedback, I have several ppl that will want to order when they see mine Im sure of it! Love this forum and appreciate all of your kindness and support I had to login again to comment lol.

  • @DazedNAmused Damn bro you got my luck. Buy your BTC and she takes a dump. Glad you got it figured out. What did you get?

  • @JelfSpicoli I got a zip of purple punch moonrocks and 1 of blue zkittlez. I had ordered 1/2 of each plus 1/2 Gelato 41 & 1/2 runtz as well but by the time i got it figured out only the first 2 were left in stock with medmama but stoked to try em out. Anything youd recommend? I wanted to get some vape refills & concentrates too before they are out but Id say next time Itll just be the other 2 venders.

  • If you ordered from Mama you may not get exactly what you ordered since her supplies are dwindling. I highly recommend Loud and the new CC. I ordered from CC last Saturday afternoon at 5pm eastern. Sunday and Monday were both postal holidays. My order was sitting in my mailbox and yesterday. They sent it 2-day delivery! That's unheard of here lol Not to dissuade you from using Loud (excellent west coast product). But them Colorado boys have their shipping tight. 👍🏼

  • Hell yeah thats awesome! Im hoping I get the 2 i ordered ,definitely be trying the others asap but i aint hard to please I wont be disappointed as long as I get something that does the job well but thanks for letting me know Ill def be trying the CC and/or Loud next order, Im just stoked I figured out the bitcoin thing and got my order confirmation lol. Any strain or product youd recommend for anxiety, insomnia, depression, or anything that helps give ya more energy hahaha. I love it all to be honest but like hearing others opinions.

  • STOKED!!!! GOT MY ORDER TODAY AND THANNNNKKKKK YOU! MED MAMAS LAST DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I wish Id gotten more of the blue zkittles, Its Ahhhhmazing and the purple punch moon rocks look perfect and definitely took me by surprise at first i think its more of a daytime buzz which is perfect since I got the other for the evening. Tastes soooo good in a dry herb vape and mixed together, rocked my head and is why Im writing all this lmao. Thanks and will definitely be looking forward to the other 2 shippers goods, matter of fact Imma go check it out now. Thank you, thank you, thank you @medboy @medman @medmama you are The best!💯💯💯

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