Thin Mint and 🌈 Chip Gushers

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Good afternoon medman family. Had a successful minor surgery yesterday. Got home and dove in on both of these. Haven't taken anything else for pain and inflammation πŸ™ . Great medicine @LoudnCo Very happy with both!
Both arrived a little on the dry side but loaded with kief, especially the RC. A trade off I'll take any day 😎. A little boveda ❀️ should do the trick. Aroma wise the thin mint is very pleasant..definitely get a mint exhale. If you like mint you'll appreciate this batch. The RC really reminds me of MAC9. Not quite as zesty as mac but very floral. Bud structure is similar too imo. Now that MAC is on Louds menu I'd be curious to hear feedback from anyone that gets both. Considering it myself.


  • The Gusher looks delish! Enjoy!

  • Glad surgery went well. That's always good news whether it's major/minor.
    Appreciate the pics & review! Both look fire! And I'm sure a few days with a boveda pack will plump them up a bit.
    Lots of great choices on the board. Might have to grab a little of the RC if it stays up. Got some Dutch Treat arriving Friday (hopefully).

  • The Thin Mint sounds great @superman38NC…wasn’t expecting anything else from loud though! Floral is a good description for the RC Gushers. The more I hit of it, the more I’m convinced it’s a Rainbow Chip x Gushers cross. Great medicine! I love cannabis for pain relief! Glad to hear you’re well!
    I’ve yet to try Dutch Treat @ChunksEggo8187, but I’ve been thinking about another split with some Sundae Driver.😎 I’m still waiting on a couple of packages from medmama.😁

  • @TheProfessor If this batch is from the same grower as the last time it was up, I'd recommend picking up a little. You too @superman38NC...I think both of you guys would love the high.

  • It does seem in my wheelhouse @ChunksEggo8187. After doing a little reading I may have, in fact, had Dutch Treat before. I don't remember the names of the couple strains we picked up, but it sure sounds like the indica a buddy and I picked up at The Bulldog in Amsterdam.😎 Might have to revisit that...Dutch Treat...not Amsterdam...well, maybe A-Dam.πŸ˜‰

  • I have a half of Dutch Treat, and some Rainbow Chip on the way! I've yet to have either before, and definitely looking forward to them. 😁

  • Thanks guys! I’m glad it went well too. Been enjoying a little extra today 😎 I’m definitely eyeing the Dutch Treat @ChunksEggo8187 @TheProfessor indeed that RCG is excellent..has a nice uplift

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