CBD flower


What are the chances of getting some CBD flower back on the menu? I would like to try a couple of salve and balm recipes and if they work out I would like to add some homemade goodies along with the usual baked goods for stocking stuffers this year.


  • I totally agree!!! : )

  • I will try and work on this!

  • I can get CBD flower at any head shop and most of the curb stores in my area. Are you sure it's not available in your town?

  • @phantom_shitter

    Not every state sells CBD flower in their 'shops'. Most of the time it's in vape form, edibles, topicals, salves...so on.
    The jest is in a lot of states, like mine (Louisiana), you won't find it in flower form readily available.

  • In Georgia it's everywhere. There are a lot of dirt bags that buy it and resell it as Delta 9 weed.

  • I will be getting some CBD joints up within the next couple of days and am on the hunt for just flower that isn't already rolled.

  • @LoudnCo prec the effort and like @TabulaRaza looking forward to some premium cbd flower. There's a lot of CDB around here but so much is pretty face on low quality bud. And like @phantom_shitter said there's dirt balls who pass it off as d9 or even worse spray it with fentanyl and sell it to unsuspecting people who end up OD'ING. I will definitely give your cdb a chance, if it's like the rest of your flower I'm sold. PS: I know you've been asked before but I need to know. You're in the heart of mushroom territory and you're state's liberal in their use. Any thoughts on the future and seeing Washington spores on your boardπŸ™πŸΌπŸ€ž

  • @MNTDWLER shrooms are not something we feel comfortable doing. Odd all things considered but that is the reason.

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    @LoudnCo Question answered and perfectly understandable, no one's ever had a really bad trip on flower. You have to follow your moral code and principles. Again thanks for the honest straightforward answer.πŸ’šπŸ€

  • @LoudnCo THANK YOU! I bought an oz of Harley and am going to try the Lemon Octane and White Whale. Truly appreciate the effort you put in to pull this off!

  • @TabulaRaza More than happy to. Thanks for the love. <3

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