Ice Cream Cake?

Does @LoudnCo or anyone else know if this flower strain is really Ice Cream Cake or is it possibly Ice Cream? The ICC description on this site says that it’s a relatively new strain and is 60/40 indica dominant. However, every description that I see online at THC friendly sites have ICC at 75/25 indica dominant, while Ice Cream is the 60/40 ratio. I’m just curious because I want to know for future reference which exact strain it is. They both seem to have different parent lineage as well.


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    Good points @HockeyEagle. Besides the 60/40 - 75/25 discrepancy, the description sounds more like Ice Cream Cake. But, only @LoudnCo could confirm. It's one of my go to strains whether I get it from the med. dispensary or here. I've got about 3/4 of an oz left of Medmama's indoor ICC from their retirement. It's really excellent…a great evening strain!

  • I appreciate the reply @TheProfessor. You always have very good insight and are great on the message boards. Thanks again for the reply and thoughts!

    This is the first time that I’ve ever had ICC (I got the current offering from Loud). It’s great and I’m very happy with the effects. I was more curious than anything in case I saw either Ice Cream or ICC offered again. Plus I love researching the hell out of the few strains that I order!

  • I only tried Loud’s ICC by way of a freebie J in an order from a few months back. That particular spliff didn’t have much flavor and was a mellow high but it was likely mostly trim so not a great example of the strain. I personally love almost all the cake strains I’ve had so I’m glad to hear this one is a winner too.

    Also agree with you @HockeyEagle that @TheProfessor is a great asset to this board. I might not have every tried that Bacio from MM awhile back if it wasn’t for his (and a few other folks) praises. Damn that Bacio was tasty and got me ripped as can be.

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    I’ve never had Ice Cream (Kush) @HockeyEagle. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen it anywhere. There’s literally nothing out there on its genetics…apparently the breeder wants to keep that way. I’m all about GSC genetics, specifically Sunset Sherbet genetics which is what brought me to ICC in the first place. It’s got it all! Yeah, I’m all about the research as well! 😁🧐

    That Bacio was/is exceptional @posternugbag, thanks!🙂 I’m still hoarding some!! Really great medicine!😁🧐

  • I hear all of @TheProfessor 's posts in Russell Johnson's voice 👍🏼

  • @OzBaxter thats funny!🤣🤪🧐

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