Will there be more edible options from new shippers?

Hello MM,

I know losing a vendor is not easy and finding a replacement who is as reliable is harder. Good luck!
Do you think you will have more edible options in the near future?



  • Yes and similar too Ma's please, when those hit which must majority of time, they worked very well

  • The shrooms are a must!!! Trying my.best to be patient! Just recently realized the benefits and I am super excited for more experiences.

  • Some RSO would be nice. Lays me out. Feel better the next day. I've had some from around and about and what MM gets is 10x better.

  • The current shippers are all aware that these are wanted products, if they can get them I'm sure they'd sell them. We're continuing to look for other sources as well.

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    @medboy if I ask again will it help?😉 As hard as this is for me I know others can't make edibles or RSO themselves. I know MM is searching because it's not just us wanting these things, he and the shippers are missing out on profits for certain edibles, mushrooms and RSO. @Jimash RSO can be easily made, just place desired flower in a small jar "or large for bigger batches". Pour in enough pure grain alcohol to cover the flower with extra space for the alcohol over the top. Shake for at least 45min for best results, the RSO will separate from the flower and float on top of the alcohol. The RSO can now be skimmed from the top or you can filter everything through cheesecloth. The next step is to insure all of the alcohol is removed. For smaller batches I just use a coffee cup warmer and let It sit overnight. Large batches call for use of a elect burner or I just put it in the oven on super low for 12hr. It's easy to tell when it's finished, it'll be thick, won't ignite with a match easily and has no alcohol smell whatsoever. You don't have to use the strongest flower to get a powerful medicine. For me making sure there's cbd in the bud with 17-20's thc makes for a better product than 25%thc with no cdb. That's why I add at least 1 oz of cdb bud to 2 oz of indica "my preference" when I make it. Good luck

  • Thanks, but I'd rather just buy it. And don't get me wrong I appreciate your help and advice.

  • @MNTDWLER Thank you. I have always wanted to try RSO. I have seen recipes to make large batches. I wanted to make a small batch to test treating my health issues.

  • Buy the vape refills, consume the desired amount plain or on any food, and be blissfully medicated.

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    @Fallguy @Gen any concentrate will work for edibles or topicals. But you will get more out of them if you mix with some coconut oil. it'll make absorption easier and cut down the amount needed to medicate or get high.

  • @MNTDWLER live resin for example I don't believe would come decarbed, the only concentrate I've made was with butane and that also wasn't decarbed.

  • @Fallguy you have a lot more experience than I do lol. I use a small 2 ton nugsmasher for my fresh live resins.
    Live resins are usually decarb'd to an extent during the heat pressing process. And I've never made it but dosen't the butane method also require a heating process to extract the excess butane. I do believe it's a double boiler process. Honestly I really don't know, I can only attest to what I've done and has worked for me. Great question, ya wanna come over and cook a batch 😁

  • @MNTDWLER , I'd love to. I just purchased a 20 ton hydraulic press for my shop. Now I'm looking at heat plates for it and daydreaming.

  • And no I didn't use heat after butane. This was in the 90's though, back when pesticides was a percentage in alot of our herb. So smoking a little butane wasn't an issue. Kind of like how "supposedly" we were able to visit the moon in the 60's and its not possible today.

  • Where can I find the 25mg gummies that were in the tin ?

  • @Fallguy I've had wax that wasn't fully purged and it flared up when it hit the banger. Like I said you know more than I do. The only way I've seen it done uses a single stage vacuum pump and a water bath...but there are other ways✌. But smoking butane doesn't sound very pleasant to me.

  • @inshapenurses

    That shipper, Medmama, is no longer on our menu, but we're hoping in time to have some similar gummies by another shipper.

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