Electric grinder

Can anyone recommend an electric grinder?


  • A very timely post, as I just purchased this from Amazon. The reviews look decent with the more powerful motor, although I think you have to use thumb size nuggets so it doesn’t get ‘stuck’. I will report back after I receive and try ‘er out. Hope it helps with some sticky weed. Even my 62% boveda seems to make it really hard to grind manually. Hoping this works better and my hands will thank me.

    Wakit Grinders Best Electric Herb Grinder (KLR Series, KLR Black)

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    One like this I have works great. 3-5 quick pulses and it's ready for stuffing or rolling.

    Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder | Spice Grinder


  • @Reshi yeah, I'd prefer one where I don't have to do a lot of prep.... Just toss a bunch of weed in and let her rip.

  • @funkynugz

    I never once thought about a coffee bean grinder. I have one that I never took outta the box that ill have to give a try. Thanks so much for that idea!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 yes, they're essentially one in the same. It'll work just fine and won't lead to hand cramps! 😀

  • @TreesPlz

    I've never been so happy


  • @MigraineWarrior79 yeah I dedicated one of two grinders I had for herbs only. Then realized I should try it for weed and my hand arthritis thanks me every day. Tip: my grinder dome collects lots of kief for some reason. But I'm not complaining. Eventually you'll need to clean it, actually kind of regularly, or the dome starts sticking to the base. I use a wood chopstick for scraping and alcohol wipes for cleaning.

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