First post here and wanted to say thank garsh to mm. But I did want to ask, out of all current selections, and I’ve tried several, is there any central opinion on any that would really peel your ears back? Thanks


  • I am loving the oaktown crippled from loud. I have ordered it 3 times since it’s been listed. Harding hitting hiybrid.

  • Thanks I may try that. I miss the old days cgold michalcon pred occasionally would venture around and the rest was pretty decent.

  • @Oldman

    @LoudnCo 's Orange Push Pop is really great too, in my opinion. Indica leaning, but has enough sativa to give a push to not couchlock.

    Pain relief, and smells like a dirty arm pit, lol.

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    @oldman I am absolutely loving loud's indoor wedding cake right now. It's a best of both worlds hybrid.

  • @Sixwaychili im just finishing off whats left my my wedding cake, runtz cake and space runtz. Currently waiting on some indoor ice cream cake, and a few other indica strains. I hate this part when supply is dwindling and orders/mail are very slow probably because of all the black friday deals going on.

  • Went with cc this time. It can always be it and miss but I’ve had the most luck with them

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