Just received my Slice and will post first review soon. My question for supplier is this…. I can only find two referrals to strains called slice. 1) Slice of heaven and 2) slice cream cake. Which strain is this exactly? By the way smells like heaven. I think I detect a “Cookies” aroma. Also zookies arrived and soon wedding cake and cake pop. My current faves are animal mints and Hawaiian cookies. Bang, POW, to the moon…..


  • Zookies is one of my favorites.

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    @Drooper Slice cream cake maybe?

    I copied/pasted the description into a plagiarism checker and found part of the description is copied from here:

  • That's some great detective work McGruff!

  • Now I want some slice cream cake. Apparently the mystery strain was found by one of merlins people and currently being dispensed here under the name slice?

  • Lulz He said McGruff

  • I cross referenced
    “Slice” with Leafly- no results- that enough for me to pass- glad
    I did-
    Let us know how it is!!

  • Sorry for delayed comment. Have kiddos for the week.
    Real quick on Slice. Almost 100% it’s “slice cream cake”. Fits all descriptions on Leafly and all bud.
    It’s sweet with a smooth exhale. Pretty hard hitter. You feel uplifted yet also relaxed. Makes you little sleepy on the backside. Buds are dense and the larger ones are elongated like little “trees”.
    I like it. Strong smell that last a while.

  • @Drooper thanks for the review. I got some coming with the ID gelato looking forward to it . Sounds tasty

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