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Hi everyone on this blustery cold day in the northeast and hope you are all well.

Hoping to get some insight and recommendations on a dtv5 box mod kit as a stand-alone device, meaning I don’t want to hook up to a big rig, but with a Hubble bubble attachment. I’ve been reading about different mods using arctic fox, sic cups, pearls, etc and it’s honestly very overwhelming to know what all I should be buying. I’m on the list for a V5 and hoping by the time it ships I’ll have all my accessories all figured out and set. Is DTV5 stable or should I just get the V4 or 4.5?

Appreciate the advice, links, pictures you can send my way. I have been researching but there’s just so much information out there and some links are quite old, so maybe someone has a kit or brand they like and all dialed in and they’d be willing to share some details on?

I’m not entirely technically challenged and don’t mind spending a little extra for quality or longevity.



  • @Reshi I say go with the DTV4 or 4.5. It's a beast. The DTV5 will have minor upgrades but will produce the same results imo. The hubble bubble will do the trick!

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    @Reshi I am on the waiting list for the V5 myself. But I'll tell ya what it's gonna take a helluva upgrade to beat the V4. As for a bubbler it depends on what you want to do with it. If you're going to use it as a daily carry "carry" bubbler I'd go with the Hubble Bubble with the vatra 6" capsule carry case. But if you want a top grade bubbler that you plan on keeping home most of the time, go with the 14mm or 18mm hydratube. The hydratube hits so much better than the HB, it'll get ya before you know it lol🤪 As for customer service you can't beat Matt, he sent me the wrong size hydratube. When I asked for a return label, I was shocked when he told me to keep the mistake and that my original order was in the mail🤯 The V4 is a workhorse and so's the wismec, remember when you get a mod for the V5 your going to go through batteries fairly quickly when you do a burn off self cleaning. It's also nice to have a rig to fall back on, myself I like mja and Scientific glass I use the sic cup with a 4mm sic ball, compared to the titanium and quartz it's like night and day. Artic fox takes away a lot of the hassles that comes with using a mod. You'll get used to it and become a pro in no time. I highly recommend getting the sic cup with whatever you pick out. As for the V4.5 it's just the V4 with a window. I keep my mod in Ni mode and keep the wattage on 40w. The temperature varies with the material your using. I work with temp's between 336°>380°again depending on the material you use. Another very useful tool is the terpometer it'll pay for itself in savings of concentrates. It's a little pricey but in the long run it will make you a better dabber and save you money if you use a rig and banger. I'm really on the fence with the V5 because the V4 preforms so well when paired with the sic bucket. It truly is as simple as a quick pass with a iso swab inside and out and your done. I know you only asked about the Tribe's but it's nice to sit down with a rig and do the ritual lol😉. Enjoy your world of choices 🤔 but you can't go wrong with the V4 and a quality box mod.

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  • Amazing write up. Love this community.

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    @Reshi @MikeyC I have never gotten better customer service than I get here and from Matt at devine tribe. They accidentally sent me a 14mm hydratube instead of the 18mm. I contacted Matt and asked for a return label he told me to keep the 14mm for my @medboy he always delivers. I know it's hard to believe that a company would give away a $40 Item but as I said he puts customers first. I'm always getting free stuff included in my order's, everything from new o-rings to a new silicone mouthpiece. Even a replacement Hubble Bubble after I broke my first one within hours of getting it🙄 Here's how Devine Tribe handles a mistake or unhappy customer I know it blew my mind because people just don't do this kinda sh*#/stuff. Shop with the same confidence you have on this site. imho the pair mb and Matt are the perfect match for happy people who just want a reliable source of green medications and ways to consume them. Happy vaping my friend's and family💚💨🍀

  • Amazing write up indeed and one for the Community archives for sure @MNTDWLER. Thanks! Can’t wait to go shopping!
    Thanks for the replies all! 💚

  • @MNTDWLER ok all that overwhelmed me. I need a an easy non combustible way to smoke flower, or maybe I need to switch to concentrates. What do you think?

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    @leaf It's a more restrictive draw but I love my pax3. The mighty is another amazing device that comes in a few sizes. I don't know if they do both flower and concentrates like the pax3 combo kit? Stortz-Bickel has a fantastic line, everything from desktop to pocket. But like I said I like my pax3 combined with a few budkups and I'm set for the day 😊

  • We’ve had the pax2. Maybe i should revisit that. I’m also switching to a grav bubbler.

  • @leaf I love my grav glass and have a pretty good collection. My first love and daily driver is my stax beaker base with a halo and tree perk, finished off with the angled mouthpiece. But I also picked up a bubbler and trumpet mouthpiece attachment for the beaker base.I have every perk except for the circle perk, I just don't know what it could do to make the stax any better. The medium graviton is a great small gathering device. If you're looking for that perfect small pocket pipe the grav pebble pipe is what you're looking for.I plan on getting a turbine or dual function base when they go on sale in a week or so. I wouldn't buy the helix pipe or the 14mm helix bubbler/pipe/dab straw I bought it and it broke at the stem within a month. Bought a replacement bowl then within a couple of months it cracked off at the female helix mouthpiece😡 What I really like about grav is that your dealing with a American company putting out American glass from Texas. I have gotten rid of MOST of my cheap China glass since finding grav several years ago.I also have a couple of steam rollers concentrate tasters, a super nice small chillum and far too many adapters, ashcatcher's and bowls to mention. By the way I could only find the Bubbler kit for the stax beaker base in stock at I believe it's 88medicate or Apex or was that medicate888 I don't remember😂 was out of stock at 420science but they usually have it. You should consider it at least because you can build on a stax as you go many combinations🤔

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    Same as pax 3- they gave a pad for concentrates for mighty

    Bad reviews though.

    The herb, wax, herb sandwich sounds reasonable tho

  • For DTV4/5. Any advice on drip tip and heater cup options?
    What type of Sic cup should I get?

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