Cannabis Purity Testing?

Hi all. I'm interested in getting my own test kit for weed purity and potency, wondering if anyone on this board does that themselves? Not that I don't trust the weed here (only ever been great), I just started realizing I buy a bunch and not necessarily from just medman, so it would be nice to give myself that layer of protection. I'm also a nerd and I'm interested in potency/cannabinoid proportions too.

Seems like the general price range for cannabis purity test kits are at minimum a couple hundred dollars, so maybe it's too soon to have that type of technology readily available for home use right now?


  • What do you specifically want to test? And what do you want to test it for?

  • I would want to be able to test for potential lacing (such as fentanyl, for example). Not everyone is as trustworthy as medman!

    It would also be cool if there was an easy way to determine THC percentage or cannabinoid profile at home.

  • Great point, @PapaPizza . Fentanyl poisoning seems to be epidemic. Now you got me thinking....

    Do you have a web link for said test kits?

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    Fentanyl testing should be pretty simple with strips or vials, but potency will need to be done by a lab most likely.
    I looked into it once years ago and I think that's what I came up with.
    There are handheld devices that claim to be able to test the potency and one that claims to be able to determine the strain of the sample, but I remember finding out it was all bs, and even stupid shit gives false positives. Like horse manure coming up as northern lights or something.
    And the THC content varies significantly from one post of a plant to another. Even samples that are taken from the tip, and the bottom of one large bud may show different THC levels.

  • I don't even trust THC testing. The labs get more business the higher they rate strains.

  • Yes am a little scaptacle about my bud with all the lacing I have read about . I use about 3 different vendors including this site . Other sites are despecery bud

  • Fentanyl is more expensive then weed. Are you afraid their lacing your McDonald's with Five Guys Burger too?

  • tCheck is an option but high times reports that they have had calibration issues or something like that...

  • Actually, I'd welcome Five Guys lacing for cheap. They're crazy expensive.

  • Tcheck 2.0 just came out- when did HT says it has issues?

  • @MikeyC i May have misspoke, but the article I just read yesterday from some time back said they could no longer advertise for marijuana use due to a law change and therefore couldn’t provide the chart required, as I recall.
    I’ll try again to find that article.

  • @MikeyC after reading it again, they only said it was harder to find now. Sorry

  • I'd say the technology for this device is not yet perfected but it could work for you perfectly. Seems like it's almost there.

  • Fentanyl is more expensive then weed. Are you afraid their lacing your McDonald's with Five Guys Burger too?

    😂🤣 That caught me off guard 🤣 👍🏼

  • Fox News: Fentanyl overdoses become No. 1 cause of death among US adults, ages 18-45: 'A national emergency'.

  • For people.who snort.or inject or take pills^

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    @TreesPlz I would have thought it would be corona.
    They need to come up with a vaccine for opioids and mandate that shit.

  • I've never been so glad to be 'clean' from all powder forms of drug use.

  • I figured obesity in the us at least

  • No.1 overall is still heart disease, 2 cancer, 3 corona, and 4 is accidents. Suicide is 11th.
    I would expect overdose would fall into either accidents or suicide.

    I just looked that up on cdc site.

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    There's no way covid is that high. For the first time in medical history, cause of death all defaults to covid, even if the death was caused by accident or cancer or heart attack if they test positive after death. Someone hit by a bus with covid is counted as a covid death. Someone who is 103 years old and dies and tests positive, they die of covid.

    Prior to covid, there was never a single listed cause of death when there are multiple causes. That all changed with covid, just to drive the numbers up.

    This is because coroners and hospitals are paid more for covid deaths.

  • @Sixwaychili I agree. A guy that worked with me was in his 60s. He weighed about 400lbs, had heart disease, diabetes, COPD, he got pneumonia, was hospitalized and they said he died from covid. Bull shit. The 2 large double whopper combos meals he ate for lunch every day did more damage than the covid.

    I had a friend die in August from "covid". He was 62. No health issues. He was a Vet and had been medically taken care of.
    I was around him regularly almost daily. We were sharing joints sitting in his living room 4 feet away from each other 2 days before he died.
    He took care of his 90-year old mother and 80+ year-old uncle. He did all the cooking and cleaning.
    They didn't get it. I didn't get it. I don't see how he could have had covid.

  • He died and after they tested him and he tested positive. It's a statistic. Sorry for your loss. Covids no joke. I still have headaches every day after I got it in November.

  • I guess he must have caught it after he was dead then.
    I was there on a Saturday for about 5 hours, watched 2 movies, smoked multiple joints, ate and drank.
    I was there in Sunday for an hour, smoked 3-4 joints.
    No one else ever got it.
    I haven't really pressed it with his family, but I know he didn't have covid.
    He always slobbered all over the joints. I might as well have been kissing the old bastard.
    I just think I would have caught it if he had it.

  • Sorry you lost a friend.

  • I recommend Tcheck 2.0 to measure THC levels in cannabis. mine is set up for oil, butter, concentrates, tinctures etc I use it for edibles and green dragon mostly. There is a separate attachment for flower. The Tcheck 2.0 works with your smart phone with Bluetooth.

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