So freaking out a bit

So this is day three after informed delivery has stated it has been delivered and still no package. I’ve actually never had this happen before. Are there any steps I am able to take to get my package?


  • Contact the USPS and see if they can help. Sometimes the delivery person remembers where they left packages, it happens often enough that I always recommend at least trying that.

  • Thanks medboy. Unfortunately my local postal service aren’t very competent. I just lost a couple hundred dollars. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later in this area.

  • I've had mine say delivered an not get for 3or4 days later! Don't worry you will get it USPS is not accurate

  • This has happened twice to me.both times as soon as I saw delivered I went to my box nothing luckily it's a big complex and he was on the other side he went back and checked the boxes and he found mine. Also if you can't find the postmen go to your local usps and tell them and the supervisor will make him go back and find it.

  • Turns out I’m being a bitch lmfao. It’s all good. I got Forest Whitaker eye on X-mas. Happy Holidays everyone

  • @Pooinaloo for me UPS failed to deliver a package sent to my parents from a New York deli. I tracked it, but it disappeared.
    I hope you have something to smoke since your mailman probably does..... on the other hand, I lost money to crooked dealers several times, but never here. IMHO somebody got it.

  • Customer since 2018 , Order every few weeks. Medicine man ALLWAYS delivers

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