Question about the "mystery collective flavor" discount weeds strains.

so that discounted weed with a collection of all strains available... is it possible for me to get a list of strains were in there? or are there too many to list? either way i ask because its REALLY working for me and id love to find out which strain it could be so i can find and buy that strain/s. any help/info would be much appreciated, thank you! :D (id be more detailed about who sold it but currently the options are not up and i forgot the new shippers names =[ )


  • I believe cc had the collection if I’m not mistaken it was kind of a mix of everything they had listed

  • It's Cannabis Club and it's literally a mix of anything they may have listed or left over from batches too small too list, they don't provide a breakdown.

  • I see. thanks for the replies.

  • I just finished a half oz of CC's mix.

    I would roll a joint that would have me all zipping around, the next one would plant me onto the couch. It's kind of a craps shoot on what you get in that.

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