HELP!!!!! Need to pass drug test

Need to test in 1 week. I am a heavy smoker and have not smoked in a week. Is there any product that can flush ThC out if my system???


  • QCarbo 32:


    • A Bunch of water and vinegar
  • is where you need to go. It's synthetic urine and it works. I used it to pass one about two months ago. I swear by it.

    Quickfix has been my go-to for years. Always pass no matter the test. Using synthetic urine elimates you from having to go through the side effects of a detox. Shipping usually takes about 3 days. If you don't want to wait you can find synthetic urine at your local smoke/head shop. It's very easy to do. Hope this helps.

  • I've used urine luck for years to pass drug tests. They even sell a kit with a fake penis if it's supervised

  • Thanks for the help!! Synthetic urine it will be.

  • @Gus and Other Cannabis enthusiasts

    Due to the pandemic, there are so many excellent IT jobs available nationwide. Many companies including banks NO longer require the standard urinalysis test. However, the corporate parasites known as Lab Corp and Quest still make millions due to cannabis testing . IMO - Do not attempt to use those fake urine products - the hi tech tests for professional positions make this option a doubtful proposition (i.e., foolhardy choice).

    I recently had to take a drug test for a VP level IT job at a well known bank. Had about a weeks notice - stop smoking immediately including CBD. Usually 10-14 days is sufficient. Lock up those concentrates and your high potency flower. I consume roughly a 1/2 OZ every two months and have smoked several times a week for the past four years. I am 6 feet and 235+ pounds. All of the aforementioned factors must be considered.

    Here's what to do: Postpone the test as much as you can... Take the test in the late afternoon on Monday or Tuesday. Drink much more water than usual. If your urine is too dilute, they will simply retest... In my particular case, I had ~ 10 days to detox. The weekend before, I brewed palo azul tea on my stove top. Drink the whole mixture a day before your test. Purchase Mega Clean NT for ~ $70.00 at the head shop. Follow the instructions exactly - drink lots of bottled water.. By using these two products,you are giving yourself a clean window for several hours. These products mask the THC compounds in your urine but do NOT eliminate the THC from your body. After you take the test, do NOT start smoking again until you have passed the test. Although I was worried, I passed the test with NO problems. Enjoyed my 62% dispensary kief after the good news. Passed the test and got the job... Was exceptionally high for several days straight while waiting to start my new job... Ignore my advice at your own peril.. I hate that the prohibitionists and lab testing companies still exploit cannabis users. Remember, the prohibitionists never give up... Doesn't matter if you live in a legal or illegal state.

  • Today those urineinluck doesn't work it will come up diluted an you will fail! I have lost two jobs with fake pee! Good luck

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    I can tell you my experience with the D.O.T. pee test.

    I had always heard that the scientist did some experiments once and determined that THC could be detected in urine for up to a month. And that is true. In the clinic setting.

    What they did was attach a radioactive isotope to a THC molecule, and when the molecule was eventually absorbed into the person's body, the isotope would go away, therefore it could not be detected. So, in a sense, as along as they could detect the isotope then the THC molecule would still be there, and the longest they could do that was about a month.

    Well, that's not your problem. You don't need a zero detection level. All you need to do is determine what test they will use, and discover the threshold level that the test detects. I don't know the exact terminology, but it was something like 50mg/liter or something similar. That was the D.O.T. level. (I could look all this up, but I am on the road atm).

    Your average non-commercial test threshold is usually a lot higher.

    So what you need to do is to get your detection levels lower than the threshold of the test they will use.

    I weighed about 330 pounds at the time (yeah, I was a fat truck driver then) when I was given a heads up from my dispatcher one day, he said he would stall the test as long as he could, which was 12 days and a wake up. I was a daily, heavy smoker. Big time.

    I drank lots of water, sodas, beer, etc to "rinse" myself out the entire time, with no smoking (of course). The morning of the test I drank a lot of coffee, water, etc. but I did not use the first pee of the morning for the test. I was able to pee 2 times before the test, and I was slugging the gatorade that morning too.

    Anyway, I passed the test. I was sweating having to find a new job. The job I had then was in showbiz so i was an awesome job to begin with, and I passed.

    After that, I put myself on a schedule of sorts so that the next time I got the notice, it wouldn't be so drastic. It meant smoking a lot less, but the trade off was the buzzes got better.

    I hope this long ramble helps you decide what you need to do. I think you can beat the test. Just get those detection levels down below the threshold of the test.

    Consider taking some B Complex vitamins to color your pee yellow so it doesn't look like you just spent the last 12 days rinsing yourself out.

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    Quick fix got me the job I have today. Most important thing is getting the temp to a realistic range. The kit comes with everything you need for that.(temp strips, heating pad etc ) Won’t have to change a thing about your life style. I found the link on Reddit. Be careful bc there are fakes out there.

  • Quick Fix saved my ass once too. I am a corporate IT specialist and there were no issues using that synthetic. Unless you are going for a +$100k yr job, most companies cannot afford to give you more than the most basic pee test. And it's a dying requirement, since it had become legal in so many states now. Either way, if this one doesn't take you, there are a lot of jobs available out there. Hell, join the Chicago teachers union and you can get paid for refusing to go to work 😜🤣

  • @gus@ozbaxter - Although drug testing for many jobs has become less frequent , most jobs are still on an "at will" basis. I was surprised but not shocked that I had to take a drug test in November 2021 during the pandemic. You will not know if there is a required drug test until you get a job offer. IMO, the probability that you will have to take a drug test is still high but less than 50:50. You don't want to lose a 100k+ job opportunity. In my case, the bank specifically uses Lab Corp and specified the infamous multi-panel drug test that ONLY targets cannabis users. Don't be in denial - there is a still a good chance that there will be a required drug test. That is why you need to react to the prohibitionists and drug testing industry by using the methods detailed in my earlier post which were provided as a public service announcement. IMO - the feds will never decriminalize cannabis usage while the proponents of the war on drugs are still in power. Hopefully, I will live long enough to see marijuana removed from schedule 1 status under federal law.... The big alcohol and pharmaceutical industries will continue to fight even the slightest changes in federal law...

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    I'm surprised that they're still doing this with severe labor shortages everywhere. I imagine it's almost over because of that.

    What I hate is the driving while high crap that they're doing. There is no guarantee that anyone will ever be treated fairly if you're suspected of driving high. It'll be a combination of whether the cop is having a bad day and tests that can't possibly be accurate.

  • You need to use an enormous fake penis and piss on the person supervising you too. Works every time.

  • The place I used to work would take a hair sample. Does anyone know if companies still do that?

  • It’s a urine sample. Ordered the synthetic urine. Thanks for the great advice.

  • LOL @MikeyC Works every time!

  • Wish I would have seen this sooner, maybe my suggestion of simply ordering the clean urine online in dehydrated form for shipping purposes- it’s actual human urine, drug-free, then dehydrated so you only need to add water when ready to use- it usually, or can, come in a kit with a heating pad and thermometer included so you can bring it up to temp when submitting sample. It works like a charm, used myself several times for employment- it is pretty easy to find if you look around online and it usually ships from China- sounds sketchy but it’s actually very reliable in my experience with professional packaging and all that good stuff. Anyway, sounds like you don’t have enough time to go this route but keep in mind going forward bud.


  • passed the drug test but we've checked twice and it appears your pregnant sir.

  • There is plenty body detox you can buy locally and your region.

  • @dabadabido - Most cannabis users (me too) would fail a hair sample test... They can detect cannabis usage for two months or 60 days. Fortunately, have never been asked for a hair sample from any employer at any time...

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    The one negative thing with using "clean urine" trick is that if you are caught doing that, you will forever be busted by whomever was giving you the test. That "attempted to falsify a drug screen" note will follow you around forever in whatever system was used to keep those kinds of records. And many of those systems talk to each other.

    Sure, you can sneak it in and probably wont get caught, but I wouldn't risk it, especially on a good exec type job.

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