I want to give you my money.

Cannabis club and merlins.. We are dying for some variety here! And more consistent stocking of vapes and vape refills. We really love your product! I want to give you my money but I there’s not much to buy.


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    I totally agree nothing.. no Vapes and now that Michigan is just 2 and a half hours drive..

  • Yeah I don't understand why CC has been offline for so long

  • Patience

  • @TreesPlz I’m saying this in a friendly tone because things can be taken out of context “customer feedback is not lack of patience” I’d just like more communication as to why my fave products are abnormally MIA. :(

  • Would you want sneak previews and coming attractions? Pre-orders? Crowdfunding your favorite strains perhaps? NFTs?

  • Please tell me more about NFT's!

  • @Higheveryone23 yes, text without context can lead to pretext.

  • @MikeyC yesss, I want overproduced Disney+ trailers about products that are "coming soon in 2022"

  • @MikeyC yeah I would actually. 😉😂

  • .....I just want White Rhino. That's all. 🍺

  • Consider this. I can’t honestly tell weather I’m getting from the same batch when I’ve ordered the same name strain a month apart from the same supplier. So I take the naming with a grain of salt. All I know is what is good and what isn’t. CC has done pretty good so far imo. I don’t care what you call it, if it’s good keep it coming.
    Everyone is great, I have just had the most luck with cc.

  • @Oldman ,I've ordered the same strain many times and the wc last month was the first bait and switch. That being said I will trust again that there what their supposed to be, I figure loud had to unload extra inventory and someone came up with the bright idea to randomly label shit.

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