CBD Gumdrops

I was looking to get the glorious THC Gumdrops from Merlin's but it seems everyone had the same idea since they're gone after 2 days!! I'll just have to watch out for the next batch lol. On the other hand I saw that the CBD Gumdrops also say 500mg THC, so does anyone know if those are also THC or if it's just a typo? I'm assuming the latter but any input would be appreciated. @medboy


  • Good catch! If these are really THC gumdrops that would be sweet.

  • Great catch! This has been corrected, they are indeed CBD.

  • Yes, I was about to order some because it said THC. But wondered about it! Glad I can here first!

  • @medboy i just ordered a lot of gumdrops because it said THC if only CBD i do not want

  • @medboy please help I just ordered 16 of the 500mg THC but on here people are saying it’s only CBD help please

  • There were two listings, one titled THC and one titled CBD. It only said THC for the CBD ones on the order form after it said CBD, you're likely fine. Send me an email with your info and I'll look.

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