Merlin's Horchata

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Ordered Merlin's premium Horchata on Sunday 1/16, Monday was MLK day, nothing showed on ID, but it arrived in our mailbox just after lunch today! Three days I think is the fastest delivery here ever! With everyone else's delays, I'm feeling pretty lucky! This is our first time with Horchata and we are indeed impressed! The aroma hit me as the scissors opened the second foodsaver bag. Strong...a bit sweet, piney, and peppery...filled the house immediately! My ounce was mostly large dense lumpy buds and they deliver! There aren't that many 50/50 hybrids that I can tolerate and really enjoy because of anxiety, but this baby definitely leans indica with very calmimg and relaxing (yet focused) cerebral effects without much body sedation...and eased my arthritis. As an indica lover, I've found another perfect wake-n-bake! Seems to be a serious anytime-of-day smoke for relaxing, hanging out, and getting stuff done around the house!!! Compliments to the grower!



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    Never ordered from Merlin before.... Indoor Katsu Bubba Kush looks good..... And maybe some discount outdoor Cali Goddess?

    EDIT: convinced myself 🤘, added Gelato41 to split with the Cali Goddess. Hope the Bubba is tasty!

  • I’ve ordered several times from Merlin and haven’t been disappointed. I still have over a 1/2 of the Katsu Bubba Kush from a month or so ago. I love it…I use it at night for sleep…knocks me out! I’ll probably order more now that it’s back on the menu.

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    You say for sleep? I am glad I ordered it. I wonder if I will get magical delivery time to TN like you did. You have picture of any of the Katsu?

    EDIT: used search and found some, the review by mntdwlr or whoever has me concerned though 👌

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    Sorry, no pics at the moment. The last batch was mostly small buds, but I find them very potent and sedating. Dweller posted a bunch of pics here at the time if you search for them. He was less enthused by the strain. I have sleep issues, so sleepy strains are high on my list of meds and Katsu hits me just right!

  • I have sleep issues as well, I need some Pure OG haha. I will take your word for it(I read his review)

  • I could definitely go for some Pure OG! That was what, 2 years ago? Great stuff! Right now, my sleep rotation strains are Katsu, Blueberry, Blueberry Vintage, Platinum OG, and some amazing med dispensary Snowball!

  • Where is @MNTDWLER these days? He's been quiet since the holidays...

  • My friend @MNTDWLER hasn’t been on the board for a couple of weeks.😕 He should be back around before too long.🙂

  • @theunleet I had the greenhouse Gelato 41 last time around and it was excellent! Can’t beat the price, especially when you start splitting.

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    Horchata has caught my eye on here before but I never pulled the trigger. Would you compare it to Bacio Gelato at all, @TheProfessor ? I have trouble buying the premiums on here sometimes when I usually like the indoor just as much/sometimes more than a bunch of the premium priced ones I’ve gotten. Would love to see some high quality GMO, Blackberry Octane, Layer Cake, Bacio on here again. Really want some good old fashioned sour diesel as well.

  • Recent strains I really liked were Cookie Glue, Zookies, and Gelato (all indoors from Merlin). I also got some of the Strawberry MAC that I would say is good but doesn’t taste as pleasant as it smells to me.

  • @posternugbag it’s definitely a Gelato relative! It’s every bit as strong as the premium Bacio from late spring, but it’s not as physically relaxing. The Horchata is mentally relaxing and calming, yet physically energizing.

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    @posternugbag I’m seriously considering the greenhouse Gelato 41 (Bacio) that Merlin has. I still have a little of the premium Bacio from spring, but the last batch of greenhouse #41 was almost as potent, just not as pretty. It was a great value! Love that last batch of Zookies!

  • I hope the Cali Goddess and Gelato41 are as potent as the Bubba or more 👀. Your shipping reminds me of when I got mamma in 4 days one time haha

  • @theunleet I ordered another zip of the Katsu when I got home.😎 We’ll see how long this one takes…and whether it’ll show up on ID or not!😁🧐

  • @TheProfessor anything I order from anywhere always shows on I.D., wether or not it is accurate is another story 🤐

  • @theunleet that was my experience until this last order. Arrived in 3 days, no label, no updates, nothing. ID has always been somewhat erratic, but I’ve always seen something.

    @Olderladyhippie the Katsu works well for me! Oh, would love to see some hash again here. Bubble hash used to be here regularly and some of it was quite good. But nothing like the hash I had in Amsterdam decades ago.

  • I have some Katsu and Bacio (Gelato 41) ordered today! @TheProfessor

  • I’m interested to see how this batch of Katsu compares. If you haven’t had it, I think you’ll enjoy it @MigraineWarrior79. It definitely makes us sleepy! You’ll have to let me know about this batch of greenhouse 41. The last batch was really good!

  • @TheProfessor

    I'll definitely let you know on both. I stayed away from the last batch of KBK because The Dweller was so unhappy with it, lol. So, being you and the wifey like it, I decided to take the plunge, and give it a try. I like reg bk, and sleep so well with it, so I imagine I'll get the same with this one.

    I've never been disappointed with Bacio. 😁

  • I liked the KB especially after couple days locked in the boveda jar

  • I guess mine is not going to show on I.D., all I received was bills today 🤣. Eagerly awaiting to try them out!

  • @OzBaxter thanks for the thought my friend. I haven't been able to use the forum for the last few weeks. I did a dozen dab's of shiatsu shatter a couple of weeks ago and I'm just starting to come around again lol. Yours and @TheProfessor checking up on me just proves that I have friends on this site and not just acquaintances like on most forums. Thanks guys I'm looking at the wedding cake/London pound cake wax or some budder just not sure which. I will be sticking with C.C because they take care of me. They threw in 2g's of white chem 44 with the 4g's of garanimals I ordered. I even ordered from another dispensary and they gave me 3g's of shiatsu on a two gram order. They also sent 1 1/2g's of sunset sherbert wax on a 1g order. It's the first time I've ordered from them so I'm guessing that they just want me to keep ordering "which I did on the shiatsu shatter" a wild Japanese indica. 💚💨🍀

  • @MNTDWLER nice to see you post.

  • I.D. showed up, will be here Friday. 7 days fine by me!

  • ^ Horchata from Merlin

  • @TheProfessor this Horchata is my favorite right now. Love this stuff. Delicious, and great effects.

  • I thought you’d like it @baggy! I ordered some Lavender Runtz and Purple Punch for the wife, but I’m seriously considering another zip of this Horchata!

  • @MNTDWLER what's some of the best concentrate on this site new to here so still figuring it out been doing research trying to figure out which sites are legit and not outrageous on prices

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