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Someone knows what’s coming outta Cali. Don’t believe for a second a machine did this to my package. Supposed to be delivered today.


  • @Bobn218 Damn thats not good at all. I'd fucken freak out if that happened. A damaged package is one thing, but a damaged package with no contents is another and will raise suspicion.

    I'm sure @medboy can replace it but I'd advise going with @LoudnCo for the next order since they ship from somewhere else. I'd wait awhile for your next order too.

    Just be happy law enforcement didn't get their shit hands on it. Don't even bother filling out a claim form for it either.

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    @Trippy your right now that I zoom thank you for pointing it out. @medboy @medman my bad fellas pls take down.

  • @medboy ive sent a email regarding this package. Not sure if you aren’t receiving them as I’ve not gotten a reply. Just saw thread about yahoo not coming through. So I tried through a different email with no response there either. I don’t get confirmation emails ect anymore so not trying to climb up your ass here just checking to make sure you have received.

  • Bobn218 their off today so don't expect a response until Sunday late am.
    My experience is 24 to 48 hrs on a med boy replys he usually hits me back before noon on the following day when I send an email.

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    I’ve always had good return reply times/experience. I only posted here because it was Tuesday that I sent through contact form. Figured I was maybe in the yahoo glitch.

  • Hi there, I have replied to you twice so far via email. If you aren't getting the replies, you might want to reach out with a different email provider.

  • Actually, ignore, I just replied again to the new address you used.

  • Issue taken care of. Customer service is better here than most legit businesses. Thanks @medboy

  • @Bobn218 Glad to help!

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