Anyone know what the best sativa strain is right now?

I’m more of a dab smoking guy but the selection bare at moment but I do like a really good sativa that will boost me up throughout the day!!


  • The best kind of sativa strain for me is NONE! Idk why but sativa strains give me bad anxiety.

  • If you haven't tried it yet, the Sour Willie is a stand up sativa. My fav is Durban Poison. Tomorrow I get in an order for Headwreck. Those would be my top 3 recommendations.

  • Awesome thank you!! 👍

  • Green Cush and Durban poison from CC are both pretty good

  • Thank you all get paid tonight so got to put in a order ha. Pissed I always miss the diamonds lol

  • My headwreck was on point after seating in brovada 62 for a week incredibly dry flower very little smell .good sativa tho this was back months ago when they first came aboard I wouldn't think its still the same flower's prob- 6 months ago

  • Durban Poison is solid.

  • I see some Jack Herer up which is maybe the most classic sativa of all time.

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