Cake mix wax

Very smooth and hard hitting sativa, very smooth on the inhale and the exhale you do get that cake taste especially throwing a half grammer in the banger at once. Effects very noticeable after a few seconds as you feel the warmth flow up your body in a eurphoric way. My ears even got tingly on this strain fucking weird but true lol. Great for wake and bake I take one dab this cake mix and I’m ready to bake some of mommas favs it truly is a all around great strain and nicely made best consistency for handling!


  • Even though indica dominant feel the sativa a lot is this strand

  • Is this the cake budder concentrate?

  • I also received Merlins cake mix budder. It's the opposite for me. Very sedating. Definitely feel the indica dominance. Tastes great and is perfect consistency even after transit. Great product. 8.5/10

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