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Good morning. Has anyone tryed the newest batches from CC was looking at the DP thats up should be a different grow by pics . Wonder about the freshness and humidity levels on the strains now thaks for any replays


  • Oderd from them when they first came on board was very dry flowers thats way I would like to ask anyone thats ordered since new pics

  • Waiting for a label after ordering Sunday. Like Jack and GSC and decided to give em a try. Perhaps a stealth order that flies under the ID eye?

  • @bluedreamer let me know how it hits

  • I ordered some Jack H yesterday as well. CC is usually pretty quick, but who knows these days

  • Ordered Thursday from CC, no label yet which is very unlike them...

  • Same here ordered the jack herer Thursday no label yet

  • @Tac The issues with dry product when they first came on board have definitely been rectified. I can tell you I never receive complaints about them since. I would definitely give it another go.

  • Agreed with @medboy I got dry that first round. Then everything since has been golden. Also their joints kick ass.

  • Just received my order from CC, some Jack and GSC. First off no label for 5 days, granted there was a mail holiday in there. It arrived in usual box and nice black inner bag an second vacuum bag but the bud arrived in the 2nd vacuum bag, no protective baggie so when the vacuum was applied all the buds were sucked in together obliterating any idea what the indivdual buds looked like. Thats a shame. Needless to say no bag appeal. On the up side, The Jack smells and smokes like Jack after grinding. Uplifting but the indica side is definitely there. Mellow. Ill report back later on the GSC high although it arrived in the same state. Vacuumed but not in another baggie. ?

  • @bluedreamer please do follow up. I’m eager to hear how you like the Jack and GSC. Thanks, friend!

  • The Jack buzz is good. I wanted to sit and play some guitar for a while but ended up doing some other things first. Had to try the GSC and it over rode the creative buzz with an enjoy this moment in my head buzz. Im looking for a seat now to sit but should get something to eat before I do that. Im going to w&b with the Jack to give it a fair shot at stmulating some creativity at a later date. Both are worth a shot despite the packaging issue.

  • Thanks for the info @bluedreamer. Ordered Sat no label yet. Not concerned just glad to know it’s probably on its ways. Bummed about the vac seal for you. Merlin and Loud never fail with correct packaging. How’s the cookies after you’ve had a few days with it?

  • Its tasty. It has that nice cookie taste on the exhale. The high is nice as well. Comes on strong with a euphoric head altering followed by the hungry eat something before I sit down and turn on thr tube phase. I was able to still make chicken soup last night for dinner but needless to say I slept well last night. I have high tolerance too like most of us here. I hope you receive it in better shape than I got. Still smokes good, I just like to admire the buds when they come but wasnt able to this time. Oh well. You should enjoy it nonetheless.

  • Awesome appreciate it! GSC is one of my fav’s. I’m like you I like to admire the buds. No biggie though. Long as it smokes good guess that’s most important 😎

  • How are the freebie joints? Are they better?

  • It came in the usual black doob tube but unmarked. No label. Smelled kinda fruity, maybe some of their Kush Berry perhaps. We'll see later.

  • I love CC's joints! They are always some dank 👍🏼

  • I decided to try their mixed strain discount to mix it up between the jager

  • Ordered some girl scout cookies from Cannabis Club last night (Sunday) and it's already on the way. Go Go CC!

  • I haven’t had a label created yet ordered yesterday

  • Have you seen any movement @OzBaxter? It’ll be two weeks since I ordered on Thursday & I haven’t seen anything in informed delivery. I’m starting to think I put the wrong address down or something

  • edited March 2022

    @djdj If you ordered from CC two weeks ago and haven't gotten anything then I would DEFINITELY contact Medboy. Save weekends, CC has never been less than five days for me. If it's Loud or or Merlin, though, that sounds pretty standard with the terrible west coast mail

    EDIT TO ADD: Yes I got my Jack H last Friday, so you should have too

  • @djdj Shoot me an email with your order info so I can get you and update.

  • Ok thanks @medboy

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