Merlin's Magic Meds discounted indoor smalls💯

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I would seriously buy these every week if I could. Not even joking 😂 I've always digged the small buds (less stems, yay! Plus all the kief all on the inside of the bag 🤤 I'm not sure if they sell discounted smalls often but I'd love to see more. Very satisfied, you just can't beat it!😎 thanks again, @MerlinsMagic !



  • I dig the smalls too! More bud less stem! 💚

  • @C4rrie20 which discounted smalls did you get?

  • Cherry Chem @baggy

  • @C4rrie20 Awesome! I just received the very same TODAY! Like you, I was thrilled with the little nugs. Just lots of great weed. I grind and vape all my stuff, so these are perfect.

    The tastes and scents are quite nice. I get the chem/cheese flavor, but not too powerfully, which I think is good. It is tempered by the flavor of Coca Cola (yes, the soft drink). It makes more a well rounded flavor profile.

    I only vaped 2 bowls so far, but it’s already quite effective. Really stoney, which I like. I’ll have to vape a few more bowls before I can appreciate this strain fully. I have not yet had the chance to get into face melting territory. But something tells me that may happen this evening. Stay tuned…

  • Hahaha, that's wild that we both got the same stuff on the same day. I think I'm gonna break out the bong and do the same once I get these kids to sleep. Have fun 😎 @baggy

  • :smiley: I'll keep the stock flowing,as much as I can, glad y'all enjoy

  • Thank you! I really like the pink certz 1 for anxiety, and even though there's less of a stone the vanilla frosting is my go to for work and bake.

  • I LOVE these -- once they were better than the Layer Cake Premium I bought...I'm not always convinced premium is the best they got..Sometimes it's a crap shoot, but these small discount always win....surprisingly hard and sticky for discount.

  • @jaywire did you buy any this restock? I got the layer cake and it was great! Waiting on my wedding cake now!

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    I bought the indoor wedding cake, when it wasn’t discounted and loved it. Yes it had a few seeds, but we absolutely didn’t mind. I just got my second order of it, since it was discounted, and will continue to order it, for as long as it’s there. @Southernbellesmoker you won’t be disappointed with wedding cake! Also, was not by any means all smalls. I believe it was discounted because of seeds. The quality of the bud out weighed the seeds for us.

  • @Rubygirl816 great to hear, wedding cake is one of my favorites. In your opinion is it noticeably a wedding cake pheno? And how loud is the scent?

  • @Rubygirl816 thanks for your review! I ordered mine yesterday! Looking forward to trying it!!

  • Ordered Merlins WC a month or so ago. Find it fairly balanced this time around. Handful of immature seeds. It’s a decent batch.

    Received my split of Caramel Cake and Bacio Smalls. The Bacio is definitely not a wake n bake..very sedative foggy brain which is perfect for evenings..the Caramel Cake is 🔥. Excellent flavor, aroma, and effects.

    Btw received a sample J labeled Bad Snake Indica 😂. Can’t find any info on it. Hit it last night and man great sleep!

  • @Fallguy like Superman said fairly balanced, for me maybe a little more on Indica side. Soon as I cut open the outside bags smelt it immediately. Good old wedding cake. Yes, there’s some seeds again, but I didn’t mind. Not enough to bother me or stop me from continuing to buy it.

  • Thanks @superman38NC and @Rubygirl816 , ordering now.

  • @Rubygirl816 got my wedding cake 🤤 you were right, really good!

  • Thanks for the notes on how Bacio treated you, will relabel

  • New smalls coming out next week, stay tuned. Horchata for sure and some others

  • Lemon cherry smalls! 🍋🍒 Ordered Sunday and got here today and I'm all the way on the east coast 🙃👍 very tasty, as always!

  • Wow that looks delicious!!

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