CBD+CBN recommendations

Hey folks,
I recently traveled to Portland from a less THC friendly state (as you might guess given I'm a regular customer here), and during a compulsory visit to one of the many dispensaries, my fiance, who does not smoke or like THC in general, got some WYLD brand CBD+CBN hemp gummies to help her sleep that we managed to bring back with us, and she LOVES them. She has tried just CBD gummies before, but they didn't have CBN, and those had no effect, so I assume the CBN is the missing piece of the puzzle. I see Merlins is listing CBD gummies coming soon, but anyone know if they will have CBN? I see "regular" websites that offer CBD+CBN gummies but how could that be if CBN is a direct product of THC breakdown? Thanks for any thoughts as my knowledge in this area is very limited.


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