Tolerance ass!

I sometimes think about taking a tolerance break.

Then I take massive doses of a magnesium supplement and evacuate my bowels...

I am the highest I have ever been in my life.

Perhaps a tranquil colon is the true golden path to enlightenment...


  • Makes perfect sense...must be why skinny people get higher than fat people.

  • Eat lots of fiber! It's the key to all health.

  • I intermittent fast, and eat as fresh, and local as possible. I do eat candy in moderation occasionally.

    This last year I've changed my eating lifestyle, and a lot of my health has improved. I've also dropped weight.

    I put on a tie dye shirt I made a couple of years ago that I haven't wore since last summer, and I was shocked as it fits me like a sleep shirt now. 😂

    But, yea, what was the question? Hahaha

  • Good for you @MigraineWarrior79 I try to do the same, but I gotta reduce the carbs. I am down about 30 pounds from when I was working from home though.

  • @Sixwaychili

    Thanks 😊. That's great for you too!
    Carbs are so easy to get 'addicted' to. 😋

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