MMM RSO AND RSO discount blend.

I have noticed over the time I have been a customer, that MMM offers 2 different RSO blends. Can anyone clarify what the actual difference is between the 2?


  • IIRC the discount blend is made from a bunch of random strains and is untested; and the non discount is more focused like one or two strains and usually includes a percentage analysis of the bioactives.

  • @funkynugz thank you! That makes sense.

  • Discount includes hybrid strains, regular is pure indicas which is more recommended by Rick Simpson protocol.

    If you have a high tolerance it won't matter but the discount can make some people a bit paranoid or anxiety with the upper qualities. Still quite medicinal.

  • I use both for recovery. The indica strain is by far stronger. The blend is ok, but you can definitely tell the difference in strength between the two. I like the blend if I know I’m having an active day.

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