Who has tried penis envy so far?

Just got my package today and saving it for a crazy Friday night


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    I've got some of the Albino a+ from a few weeks ago. Saving mine for the right time too.

  • I’ve been hearing about the albino, please share your experience when you try them, I’m curious as to your thoughts about it. I’ve also heard amazing things about penis envy and can’t wait for Friday night to begin my journey.

  • @Tealeaves ok I will. I saw the penis envys up and knew they wouldn't last. I've heard they are extremely potent. I've only did Mushrooms once and it was close to 20 years ago! I'm excited to do mine. Just waiting on the perfect time... It's hard with 3 kids and my girl and me both working full time...

  • You two are going to have fun both amazing strains and both sure to give you some good insight about yourself so be prepared mush luv everyone 🍄🍄

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