Tips and tricks

Tell us what you do special, if anything, to dispose of the discarded mail packaging. Is it even a concern for you?


  • Who is digging through your trash? You think law enforcement has resources to sift through recycle bins for usps labels from “questionable places of business” and tie them back to you? They going to build a case on you for a skunky smelling plastic wrap? Like all mail I just try to rip my name and address off the label and tear up that up and put in trash. And if I forget to do that I’m not losing any sleep over it. Box gets recycled. Im more concerned with identity theft then any other issues so I always make a point to rip my name/address off any mail before it goes in blue bin.

  • I hope this is a joke lol

  • I drive past the police station at about 90 mph and throw it out the window.

  • Rip the label off and throw it in a garbage can LINED with a garbage bag.

  • I work with a girl who is married to a cop, and according to her they have a special drug task force that looks through trash cans of suspected drug dealers to find evidence that can be used to obtain a warrant. If you're an average user I wouldn't worry at all.

  • I always feel like somebody's watching me. And playing tricks on me ooooohhh wow ooooooohhhh

  • No one should be throwing mail into a recycling bin unless it's the circular that contains shitty coupons. I remember some old dude would rummage through the neighborhood recycling bins looking for bottles and cans to sell. Who knows what else he's discovered.

    Anyway, here's what you want to do:

    1. Rip the label off and wrap into a ball.
    2. Dispose of label into garbage bag.
    3. Take mail package and dispose into recycling bin.
  • I'm surprised no one fires up a fifty gallon barrel in the driveway to burn the evidence. I truly am shocked.

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