Damn this sux site down!!!

Anyone possibly know any other lagit sites since cannot access this site I really hope everything is ok!! This really f**king sux


  • No shit! Wtf is the deal?!

  • Idk it’s fucked up though for real expecially when about out of everything!

  • I’m in the same shitty boat without a turd for a paddle is what it’s looking like ugh 🐒😩

  • Probably DNS host takedown. In which case, have to wait until they migrate to a new provider. But what the hell do I know :smile:

  • edited April 2022

    We ain’t allowed to share other vendors. I canna tell you bits of info. That’s a clue. Happy solving. :)

    And by the way, for those in the know, “Holl [snip] C [snip]” is also down now. Could be coincidental. So, FWIW

  • This seems to happen a couple times a yr. don’t get worried yet..was down 2-3 days last time. I’m sure it will get fixed.

  • @Spudnick thank you for telling me! I never used them. Just was aware of them. Won’t use them now!

  • Yeeeessss back up and running solves my problem lol awesome guys

  • Sorry to hear about that @Spudnick know one should ever have to go through shit like that to get meds ever

  • If the site has many strains and they don't rotate that's a definite red flag. Holland club used to be ncifarms until they ran out of people to rip off. IME alot of good sites eventually run some type of exit scam. Medicineman does seem different in that they've been pretty solid for a long time. The price of good flower is dropping everywhere, especially in the last few years (black/grey market) and medicineman has higher prices.

  • Medicine man is the man! I will gladly pay higher prices because medman goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. I’m truly grateful to have found them. Thank you medboy and medman for all that you do. You guys are so greatly appreciated. Much love

  • Medicineman has been very good to me for 8 solid years with no problems except once and was fixed fast.

  • @Denise1124 Thank you for the kind words. Good customer service is my number one priority.

  • Medman does have the best customer service. If cannabis becomes legal I hope madman continues as a way for local growers to get their products out without having to deal with the commercial bs.

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