What would you do?

So I have packages delivered to my neighbors in my subdivision all the time but all of them have made it back to me eventually. Well guess what I had one package delivered Wednesday and the other said it was delivered Wednesday 10 minutes apart from other package. I’m pretty sure one of my neighbors/kids got nosey and kept my gum drops. I can’t just file a claim with usps bc of the contents or at least I’m scared to. So I think I’m out of 4 tins of gum drops😤🤬. I asked a couple of my neighbors who have returned packages to me and they didn’t receive it. Suggestions?


  • PO Box.

  • @sadisticking OOF!!! That's a tough one. I wouldn't say a word to the post office about it. If medman won't help yeah just take it as a loss and maybe get a PO box for here on out. Just my 2 cents...

  • Well shit that’s what I was afraid of. Just dumb bad luck that this looks like it’s going to be the first package I have never received from anywhere for anything.

  • why not to your own house? just asking..

  • He does get them sent to his own house from what it sounds. They just end up at the neighbors alot.

  • Yeah I have them sent to my house. My neighbors are trust worthy but someone new moved in recently down the street. My money is on them for opening my package and taking my gumdrops. Hope they enjoyed them bastard!

  • Tell your neighbor you're missing a package for your mother who is dying .

  • Technically we all are

  • Technically 😉

  • Have you messaged medman I'm sure he'll figure something out

  • Lmao yeah we all are dying a lil bit each day. I’ll be damned if my other package wasn’t sitting on my porch today when I got up. Postage date was 4/7 so I guess all my neighbors are honest🥳. I was a lil worried that some kid would open it and start eating the gummies or that someone would turn my ass in to the cops. Crisis averted!

  • @sadisticking

    Definitely celebrating with a jay for ya! 👏💚

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    Got a crazy story my neighbor had bought a zip off of somebody and had dropped it in a local grocery store called Ingles here and one of the managers had found it laying on the aisle and said that was up front and believe it or not they actually gave it back to him instead of calling the cops I was mind blown of the fact for one he had enough balls to go ask management if they had found it knowing it's illegal and second fact is they actually gave it to him

  • Hell yeah I celebrated🥳with some banana kush and and 4 or 5 gumdrops. That’s a crazy story Cris

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