Same weed two different opinions.

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I recently placed an order for a friend of mine and myself, I ordered both of us a few different strains but I ordered juicy fruit for both of us. She received her order several weeks ago and I at the time had not received my order yet. I asked her for her opinion on What she received and she told me that she loved the high from the Willie Nelson reserve but was disappointed in the juicy fruit. She said the juicy fruit looks nice but seems to be fairly weak and she personally wasn't thrilled about it. That made me kind of concerned but I still hadn't received my order so I couldn't comment yet. I finally received my order two days ago and I have to say I personally love it and I am not sure why it seems weak to her because it seems very strong to me .I can only take a couple hits at a time and it got me all fucked up. I would definitely buy it again and in fact I'm going to get what she has from her. Just goes to show you , Same weed from the same supplier from the same batch and yet two totally different opinions on it. She doesn't like it and I love it. 🙂🙂


  • It's a common story. Marijuana is an incredibly complex plant medicine with hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes which alter the medical effect. It's very subtle so this kind of divergent result is common.

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