Label from loud

Question how long does it take to get a label from them tomorrow will be a week since I ordered and still no label n created yet


  • @Crazycris usually about 2 days. I have had packs land without ever showing up on informed delivery too tho. It will come...

  • @Mr4Sher Yeah last time I ordered several months ago I didn't get a label for 5 days then finally got one so it ended up taking about 11 days from order date

  • It isn't louds fault. It's the hub in WA

  • Hey @MikeyC I don't know about ya, but when it's shipped from the city beginning with "E" instead of "S", I never have an issue.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 long time loud customer and S is a crapshoot and E is never an issue . Thanks, I thought it was my imagination.

  • @Trippy

    Happy to be of help, friend! 😊💚

  • Hopefully it's already shipped and it just didn't show a label fingers crossed

  • Wow, literally signed on the discussion board to see if anyone else was having this SAME issue! I ordered from LoudnCo on the 22nd and STILL no label created, meaning at least another 4-5 days until delivery- what is the deal with that?! NEVER have this issue with Merlin-just sayin'. Probably gonna avoid Loud from here out given that this seems to be an issue with either them or the location they are shipping from- bummer.

  • @CapnChronic totally feel ya I ordered on the 20th was finally contacted on the 27th about a substitute for the shatter I ordered because they ran out but I still don't have a label since Wednesday when they contacted me about the substitute

  • Wow! I noticed that ALL shatter had been removed from Loud's menu just yesterday and it made me wonder if they did run out or something as that shatter has been listed for well over a year and then to see i all removed from menu 8 days after ordering some and not seeing any shipping info seemed to be too much of a coincidence. That really sucks- I still haven't been contacted about a substitute though so I don't know what the f*** to think now- huge bummer, wtf.

  • @CapnChronic I see all the shatter is back but still no label 😩

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