Is this true?

I just ran across this on Twitter and if true does any of this wind up in dispensaries. I have to admit I dont know anything about how the industry works and how or if they try to make sure all their products are legal and grown from USA growers or distributors. IF its true isnt this a threat to all the law abiding growers?


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  • @fish_headstew

    I'm curious if this is true, myself.

  • Exactly I mean there is a lot to unpack in that tweet. I would think that the people involved in the cannabis industry would frown upon those types of operations and not do business with them.

  • Probably. Since recorded history people have enslaved other people for profit Nike ,Nestle etc. The real tragedy is the bs and corruption that came with regulations and licensing (fair for all as long as you have access to wealth and influence). I think especially now that $100 ozs are becoming a thing these corporations that hold most of the licenses will make their employees, our politicians write and enforce laws to eliminate competition. I believe that the majority of unlicensed grows in the us is you average joe-blo.

  • Agree with you. You would think that politicians would realize that over taxing and over regulating businesses paves the way for criminals to exploit and profit from said practices.

  • My friend was a real life Nancy Botwin (Google it). Not quite as hard core but she moved product from a year round grow op in the Cali desert.

    She often complained about other unlicensed grows in that area run by Thai and Vietnamese who were draining the water tables with illegal wells and selling well below price. (I only mention their nationalities because that’s what she saw as her main competition.)

    Before she passed from cancer last New Years Eve the grow op went under due to the undercutting of wholesale prices and the worsening drought. Here’s one of her last texts to me. I miss her terribly 😔

    “Drought is worst ever. Asians are tapping into underground rerources and getting it for free for ops 6 to 10 times the size of ours which we pay for. Sheriff following all the NEW wells being put in busting them. 864 warrents waiting to be executed. It’s a fucking mess.”

  • Wow that nuts! @funkynugz

  • Sorry for your loss. Sure sounds like the wild west is living up to its name again.

  • @fish_headstew heh, yeah. Come to think about it my friend would often reference the Wild Wild West when talking about downtown LA. She was moving boxes of flower to legal dispos but most of the harvest went to an extraction facility in one load.

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