Merlin's Delicacy strain

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Here's a real winner, folks. Looks as depicted (quite pretty). The buds are moist, but not too moist. Has a gasoline flavor, which isn't terribly strong, in case that turns you off.

This strain makes me feel an intense initial rush that makes me wanna hang out with friends. The rush is strong with this one. But it's balanced quite evenly with physical relaxation. Makes me feel very cozy and comfortable, yet also puts me at mind to do fun productive things.

It's potent, too. VERY potent.

Of all the current Merlin strains, this is my favorite. And I've tried them all. (Not denigrating the other strains, just saying this is my favorite.)


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  • A bit too indica heavy and potent for me to be productive during the day, but after dinner the delicacy hits the spot. Beautiful flower structure.

  • Yeah, it leaves me fairly foggy afterwards.

  • Thanks for the info! I just ordered a quarter to give it a go :)

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    Thank you, you just made up my mind for my order.

  • @MedFriend and @Quasar let me know what ya think, when you get it! :)

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    Absolutely the best that I got from this site. Very euphoric and relaxing high. I liked it so much that I ordered more before I even finished my first joint. Thanks for recommending!

  • Looking for it on the menu, don't see it.

  • @Rockafire It's there under premiums. Merlins flower menu is just crazy right now! Sooo many options... Sometimes they make it too hard to make a choice...

  • @baggy one of my new favorites!

  • @MedFriend awesome!!! Yeah, same here. It's powerful stuff.

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