Merlin's Pancake Crumble

Any reviews? I have some on the way! If anyone is curious, I'll post a review here when it touches down!


  • I'm interested too. The Cookie Monster is great! Perfect in my opinion. Cherry Biscotti on the way.

  • @LifeLong14 I have runtz now and it's awesome!!! Pancake on the way! It was between pancake and cherry biscotti. I have high hopes since the runtz is great and you say the cookie monster is too. I'll let ya know about the pancake and you let me know bout the cherry biscotti...

  • Cherry biscotti is great, you guys! Y'all lmk about the Pancake 🥞🤤

  • @C4rrie20 Hey! Did you have any other of Merlins crumbles outside Cherry Biscotti? If so, how would you compare?

  • Merlin pancake crumble "out for delivery"! Will post review sometime today... Ordered late Thursday night. Out for delivery on Monday!!! In the Midwest. Awesome shipping speeds!!!

  • @LifeLong14 I have not, but 👀 the Pancake for when pay day hits 😝

  • @Mr4Sher Lucky you... I thought I'd be saying the same thing this morning. I guess mines got caught up somewhere. Patience is a virtue!

  • @C4rrie20 Would u buy Cherry Biscotti again? Upper or downer?

  • When I opened my pack I 1st thought the pancake crumble smelled identical to the runtz crumble. I checked my runtz jar and it was similar but different. I expected pancake and runtz would smell way different. After my 1st dab it definitely tastes way different. It is nutty and like cake. The runtz is fruity. The pancake has more of a sativa affect on me compared to runtz. They are equally great but different. Highly recommend. I'm trying the cherry biscotti if it's still there in a few days!

  • @LifeLong14 absolutely would, more a downer for me 😎

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