Lookah Swordfish

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So I just saw my favorite YouTuber (senior stoner) review a new electric dab rig from lookah called the swordfish. His review convinced me. I'm spending my weekly weed budget this week on a new rig. Stay tuned for my review.


  • Wish I would've known about it before I just bought the apx v3

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    @Crazycris I checked out the one you got. It looks sweet too! I tried getting a carb cap and pearls from pulsar before and my order kept getting canceled. No matter which of my cards I tried. I finally just bought one from the dabbing specialist. Idk what the deal was. Never had any issue with any of my cards before or after... But yeah that apx v3 looks sweet.

  • @Mr4Sher yeah it rips nice and claims to be able to rip a 1/4 gram at once but idk if I can handle it 🤣 I've just always been a Lookah fan but my seahorse pro can't handle these diamonds

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    @Crazycris I was looking at a seahorse awhile ago. I'm just not a fan of nectar collectors. I like a dab rig and banger or terp slurper. I'm going to use my swordfish for on the go. I like the flip top design on it. And I'd have to try the 1/4 gam rip. Why not? It won't kill yeah... If it's too much, nap time. Use an indica dominate concentrate.

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    @Mr4Sher I would rip it if I could but I live in a complex they probably already wonder why I'm coughing all the time imagine ripping that probably would cough for a hour and a half 😂😂

  • @Crazycris Lmao. Yeah you'd be covered in sweat too!! Or I would...

  • Heck yeah I would I get hot flashes🤣🤣 had something strange happened with my Merlin order it left the spot in Cali late yesterday and hasn't been scanned or nothing since never had that happen

  • I am a big fan of the APX..... Have been through 3 of them over the last 2-3 years. I have the metal mouthpiece upgrade on mine (broke too many glass mouthpieces to keep using them.) I will tell you that the whole 1/4 gram thing doesn't work well with it..... Use smaller amounts or you will have a mess on your hands....if you like a vape for concentrates that can really cook high temps it's the way to go. It's not a replacement for a hammer and nail, but it hits better then most vapes that cost 3x as much. There is quite a difference between the different coils they make for it as well....I go for the thick twisted single wire one (think it's called "barbed wire" or something similar)

  • My swordfish finally came this morning!!! I've been trying to smoke more flower and less dabs lately. (For my tolerances sake). So I will give my review on this product tonight. I'm pretty excited!!

  • This thing hits great!!! Super easy to use and conceal. Definitely the most handy device I own. I've dabbed merlins crumble and diamonds out of it and it works great. I personally like my rig and banger better but for at work or on the go, the swordfish is my new go to!

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